Win the cold war: 7 ways to boost your immune system


Stop sobbing
Healthy habits: load colorful fruits and vegetables.
Start up: of course, fresh and colorful products like kale and oranges have cold nutrients, but don’t ignore their pale counterparts. For example, white mushrooms can activate the body’s natural killer cells to fight off colds and flu viruses, according to a study by Tufts University. “Mushrooms are rich in a fiber called beta-glucan, which activates immune cells,” explains study author wu dayong, deputy director of the tufts nutritional immunology laboratory. Add mushrooms to an omelet, pasta and stir-fry. When you’re in it, throw some garlic too. In addition to adding flavor, it also provides a certain amount of garlic, a compound that can resist infection. “Use fresh cloves”, David Grotto, RD. “Garlic is pasteurized and destroys garlic.” Chop the garlic and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Extra time allowed the clove tissue to release the enzyme that produced garlic. Be sure to add garlic to the end of the cooking process to avoid heat neutralization.
Health habits: you record seven to eight hours of sleep per day.
Start it: your amount of sleep is important, but so is quality. Dr Michael Breus, author of the sleep doctor’s diet, said: “sleep disruption may increase the production of stress hormones that depress the immune system. For example, when researchers at Carnegie Mellon university exposed subjects to cold viruses, those who did not dozed were six times more likely to be ill than those who slept like stones. In order to maximize your shut-down rate, most of the time in a week, please tie your sneakers: regular exercise can help you to doze off, faster and more time for restorative sleep. Breus recommends that if you’re worried about keeping you awake, write down all the things you’re worried about and fix the problem before each delivery. This will make your mind – and your body – rest.
Healthy habits: you always wash your hands.
Strengthen it: if you’re like most of us, you probably don’t blister properly. A Michigan state university study found that 95 percent of people do not scrub within 20 seconds of advice, and a third do not use soap. A meeting of time to see what a 20-second scrubbing feels. “Wash the front and back of the hand, around the wrist, between the fingers, and below the tip of the nail,” said Dr. Daniel Uslan, director of the health system antibacterial drug administration program at the university of California, Los Angeles. Then thoroughly dry; Bacteria are more likely to stick to wet surfaces. No sink in sight? Use hand sanitizer with at least 60 percent alcohol.
More cold fighters
Health habits: exercise is part of your daily routine.
Boot up: exercise strengthens your cold war and flu combat abilities. But regularly introduce restrictions may cause more harm than good: an Australian study found that runners impact the treadmill at the speed of A challenging one and A half hours, the output of the immunoglobulin A fell 50% after the Appalachian state university laboratory director David nyman human behavior (David Nieman) said: “for A long time high strength games bring stress to your body, to increase the chances of your illness. Take your day off for a healthier workout. Neiman found that exercise and built-in pauses – such as tennis, football or interval training – did not have the same negative impact as constant speed. Training a long-distance event? Properly refueling can reduce inflammation that weakens your immune system. If you are doing exercise for 90 minutes or more, you will be given 120 to 240 calories of carbohydrates per hour during exercise, such as bananas and/or sports gel.
Healthy habits: carry a bottle of water with you.
Respiratory icahn boot: New York mount sinai school of medicine, medical director of the physician Dr Neil Schachter said: “hold water can make your moist mucous membrane, and help your immune system works. However, reusable bottles breed bacteria, so wash them with hot soapy water every day. Consider moisturizing the air you breathe. Cold and flu viruses thrive in dry air, so running a humidifier may be a passport to your winter health. Researchers at the centers for disease control and prevention found that about 74 percent of the cells infected with the flu virus survived an hour of humidity in a room with 23 percent or less. However, only about 18% of the virus survived in rooms with a humidity of 43 percent or more.

Healthy habits: you can skip fatty, sugary foods and opt for low-fat, low-sugar soups and salads.
Turn on the power: having a regular meal may make you vulnerable to coughing by co-workers. A study at Drexel University found that low-calorie diets block the body’s immune response. Skip the poor diet plan to load lean protein, healthy fats, whole grains and produce. “Snacks are an ideal way to get extra nutrients,” Grotto says. For example, Brazil nuts are rich in selenium, a mineral that increases the function of white blood cells, while yogurt is rich in probiotics.
Healthy habits: you wipe the table every day.
Start power: use disinfectants on normal surfaces – they usually contain bacteria. An analysis by the university of Arizona, phoenix, showed that the most contaminated items in the office included kitchen taps, microwave door handles, water dispensers and vending machine buttons. Study author Dr Charles Gerba, a professor of microbiology, said: “colds and flu viruses can survive in vitro for at least a few hours, up to four days. Place a bottle of hand sanitizer in the lounge and other highly trafficked areas and spray some hand sanitizer on your hands every time you enter or leave. That alone, Gerba says, can reduce the incidence of colds and flu by 80%.
Should you take that medicine?
Your sneezing colleague is taking vitamin C and your mother is sending an email about herbal medicine. Do any of these supplements or even work? Look at our cheat sheet.
Vitamin C: try it. Studies are mixed, but taking 500 milligrams a day at the start of a cold may reduce your pain.
Sea urchin: skip it. Many studies have shown that it can’t prevent colds.
Garlic: give it a try. The benefit of fresh garlic is to minimize its supplemental form, but even so, studies have shown that garlic supplements may help prevent colds and shorten their duration.
Vitamin D: take it. Lack of D will increase your chances of developing respiratory infections. Although RDA is 600 international units, it is often recommended 1,000.
Zinc: try it. The jury came out. But some studies have found that taking zinc ingots at the first sign of a nasal itch may accelerate your recovery.
Source: Dr. Neil Schachter, from the icahn school of medicine at mount sinai in New York City; Cochrane library; Treatment progress; University of Colorado school of medicine; Annals of internal medicine.
Cold comfort
Uh, oh. Your throat itching is the first clue you’re going to use up some sick leave. By knowing what expectations and actions are quick, you can ease symptoms and restore data.
The first day and the next day: you’re tired and sore throats. More rest can strengthen your immune system. Vitamin C and zinc ingots may help reduce the severity of a cold. If you have a fever, physical pain and/or chills, you may catch a cold. Play safe; See a doctor as soon as possible. She can prescribe an antiviral drug that can reduce the pain for a day or two.
The third and fifth day: you sneeze, cough, plug up, a little bit of pain. Gargle with salt water and use a steam inhaler, such as vex personal steam inhaler ($36, to help ease congestion. Take aspirin, ibuprofen or acetaminophen; An antihistamine for sneezing; And cough syrup and the inhibitor dextromethorphan.
The sixth and the seventh day: in addition to coughing, you can wander, you feel better. To keep your body fully restored, resist the temptation to resume your daily routine. Go to bed early and do a lighter workout than usual. If you’re struggling with the flu, it’s probably a week before you get back to normal. If your symptoms do not improve, call your doctor for complications such as bronchitis.


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