Meghan Markle vows that this exercise class has changed her body – so I tried it


Another former studio celebrity studio is her Megaformer repair studio is Larry Studio, her new hometown in Toronto and London have a place. And, fortunately, they just opened a new studio in New York City. So I went to Astoria to try Markle’s favorite sport.

I walked into the classroom a little smugly – I did CrossFit four times a week and ran the rest of the day, I tried everything from Pure Barre to The Fhitting Room to Flywheel. But the Megaformer class is a brand new animal.

Our class is led by Dede Lagree, who runs the main Lagree fitness studio in Los Angeles with her husband, Sebastien. We are using their brand new Megaformer 3K machine, as anyone who has previously tried Pilates can recognize. But the class put it in a grade.
“Pilates classes are low-intensity, low-impact,” Dede explained. “Megaformer is intense and low-impact, so you will sweat immediately.”

Dede use the lower body movement for the correct exercise. The goal is to keep moving, but slower is better, extra burning. We started squatting, with one foot on the fixed part of the machine and the other on the sliding platform, slowly moving in and out of our legs. it. Yes. pain. We only got a workout and we’ve got the notorious “rockery shake”. But this is a good omen, our muscles are already working and burning.

Dede explained to me: “The reason I think I was so challenged for the first time was because you are using muscle and will not activate your muscles if you’re doing other exercises on the floor.” You have to use your core and you have to use Your leg muscles help to stabilize while you are practicing. “

We squatted for 30 minutes from the heavier donkey to the sliding cleat with more pedal work and I (along with the rest of the class!) Had to rest often to calm my cramping muscles. From there, we continue to work on core tasks such as skateboarding, and then complete our exercises with arm weights attached to the Megaformer exercises. Fortunately, I found arm movement quite easy, which is the only reason why I made this exercise 9 instead of 10.

Megaformer’s classes are tough, but it’s definitely an amazing exercise (my thigh pain today). Dede says you can burn 800 to 1,000 calories in an hour’s class, but the calories burn for hours.
“It’s slow because you’re using every muscle.” Although your slow muscle fibers are repaired, your body is using energy, calories and stored sugars, so you really become a fat-burning machine.

Conclusion: I was very upset with this class, begging to go back to CrossFit WOD when we were using Megaformer – but after 24 hours I wanted to fix it again! Nothing is a good challenge.


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