Research shows that women are healthier than men


The traditional view is that men have a natural advantage in physical fitness. But from a critical point of adaptation, women are actually at the forefront of the publication of a small new study in Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism.

Researchers at the University of Waterloo, Canada, directed nine women and nine men of similar weight, aged 18 to 30, on treadmills. After a short warm-up, they were asked to walk at a gradually increasing rate and tilt until they reached 80% of their maximum heart rate. Everyone wears a mask to measure how much oxygen they use and how much carbon dioxide they produce.
The study’s author, Richard Hughson, a professor of motor science at the University of Waterloo, said: “The specific measurements we did in this study were to study the rate of oxygen uptake from rest to movement.” If People do not adapt, they adapt more slowly to the exercise, and they consider it a greater burden, so they shrink and they gradually become unsuitable.

In this way, he said that oxygen uptake is an important measure of overall physical fitness and is also an indicator of women’s surpassing. The researchers found that women adjust for about 30 seconds after exercise, while men need 42 seconds. This means an oxygen treatment speed of about 30% is increased, but there is also a clear advantage in terms of physical efficiency. Researchers also found that female athletes are more able to transport oxygen throughout the entire body tissue, while their tissues make better use of the extra oxygen.
So while men may be stronger and faster than women in nature, they can not say that they are universally fit, he said.

He said: “Fitness can be defined by maximum aerobic capacity, or it can be defined by a number of other criteria.” It’s really an indicator of health and well-being if you monitor how fast a person is getting along with exercise. ”

Lead author Thomas Beltrame said the team plans to expand its research to include elite athletes, not just entertainers. In an email, Beltrame wrote in an e-mail, “In the future, research is needed to determine if the results of our healthy, active men and women also apply to the most suitable women for women.”


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