Try these 3 yoga moves to a more healthy and stronger spine


When you think about building strength, your spine may be the last body part to think of. But a strong back not only reduces chances of getting hurt, it’s also the key to your balance, mobility and posture. In the video above, Nicole Katz, the founder of Yoga 216, led us through three yoga moves to help strengthen and stretch the muscles around the spine.

In order to complete this routine, you only need a minute, a small space and a yoga mat. Both sides should relax a few times, relax.
Lateral flexion

Put your knees on the mat and sit on your heels. Put your right hand on your mat and keep your left arm upright in the air. Tilt to the right upper body, bending the right elbow, left arm bent right shoulder, forming a U-shaped. Keep this position for five seconds. Then switch both sides.

Chest twist

Lying on the left side of your body at a fetal position, your knees are angled at 90 degrees. Put your left arm out, your right arm on your left arm, so your fingertips. Then slide your right arm back so that your right arm and shoulders touch the right floor; your neck should also turn to the right. Then slide the right arm back to the starting position and repeat. Katz said you should feel the upper and lower spine extension.
Bridge roll

Hands on your back, palms up, knees bent. Then, roll the spine from the top vertebra, lift your hips in the air, put your shoulders on the mat, and form a bridge with your body. Hold the bridge for a few seconds and then roll your spine down as your hips fall back to the starting position.


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