Chef Justin Kent throws the ultimate tip of the last Canadian picnic


Holding a perfect summer party can get a little overwhelming when choosing a menu, choosing decorations and choosing your guest list carefully. But do not worry! We chatted with Greyhound partner, Parisian chef Justin Kent, and got important tips for hosting a Canadian picnic.

Justin’s catering company Picnics is in Paris specializing in a sophisticated picnic experience among the most famous landmarks in Paris. If you want to bring home the charm of Paris, read about Justin Chef’s picnic party essentials.
Comfort is the key

No one wants to sit all night on wet, uncomfortable grass, so make sure your guests have enough blankets and cushions. (Justin Cook advises placing at least one picnic blanket for every two to four people.) If you plan to install it in a sunny place, you can also bring an umbrella to prevent sun exposure.

Package the real deal

To really improve your picnic, use real cutlery, plates and glassware to serve you meals. This may mean some extra work to clean up, but your guests will appreciate this effort.

Prepare drinks in advance

If you are planning on serving cocktails, Justin Justine suggests that they be pre-batched to keep the drinks flowing overnight. This will save you the trouble of bartending, so you are also free to enjoy the celebrations.

Look for high quality ingredients

Fighting your nearest farmers’ market is the easiest way to find fresh ingredients. Look for seasonal fruits and vegetables and try to choose locally-grown produce where possible, turning ordinary meals into deserved dishes in the restaurant.

Keep the menu simple

If you have a hard time thinking about recipes, chef Justin’s going for a picnic dinner is a classic French dish: a mustard cream sauce with a summer salad and champagne balsamic vinegar (complete recipe available here). Just add a good bottle of white wine and you will soon become a true Parisian.


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