Power rack exercise has achieved good results


If you are currently studying buying fitness equipment then you may be reading a lot about power rack recommendations, especially at the forums. There are good reasons. In terms of functionality, safety and effectiveness – probably the single most important factor in any fitness equipment purchase – powered racks will be one of the most advanced options in anyone’s book.

So in this article, you will see all the fuss.

If you’ve already purchased a power rack, we’d like to show you some extra tips and tricks to take full advantage of your training experience.

Composite exercise

The beauty of weight training is one of the reasons I advocate religion, and if you keep it simple you can get the most out of it. Again and again, it turns out that if you’re getting stronger and stronger with compound exercises, you’ll be stronger and build more muscle. As long as you have enough rest and nutrition.

Composite exercise is a movement that recruit multiple muscle groups. Such as bench press, squat, chin, sinking, deadlift and other exercise needs a lot of large muscle groups began to act. Your body senses this activity and responds by building muscle and strength.

Biceps curl exercises like using only a small muscle – biceps – so the signal it sends is trivial. The message from the compound action is loud and clear. So, if you want the big biceps to impress ladies, do bench press, squat or weightlifting.

In addition to the cosmetic factors, complex motions are also preferred for their functional strength. Through this, I mean that the power you develop from squatting and other activities can translate into your daily life. If you need to lift heavy things, you bend your knees and start with your legs, just like squatting.

The most important thing for me is that squatting is like the chair. This is not a big deal, but when you are 80 years old? The elderly have many elderly and girls who jumped out of their chairs instead of being pushed into their chairs.

So what is the relationship between the composite action and the power rack?


When combined in the right form and with the right equipment, the move is completely safe – safer than driving a car – and I’m saying it to give me some ideas for what to talk about next.

However, some combined exercises – bench press and squat – can not only cause injuries, they can even cause death. Many people die under the barbell because they can not complete bench press in a single session.

These people are major candidates for the Darwin Prize, considering that investing in a suitable rack or half-rack not only does not cost too much, and now they do not have to take up more space. It does not make sense considering the amount of usage and the extra cost involved.

The attraction of a power rack is that it allows you to do bench press and squat even when training alone. Four columns load the barbell and limit front-to-back movement. Adjustable point or safety bar to limit downward movement.

So with bench press, for example, the bar is set below the bottom of the movement, so you’re still free to move around. If you can not complete your representation, you can put the bar down and leave. Better mass racks, such as barbaric cages, have holes that are only 50 mm apart, allowing you to get spotters in the exact position of your bench press.

The barbaric cage also has rubber over the solid steel safety bar so it will not damage your barbell in the event of a heavy drop. So you have no reason not to use them!

So you now know that you can do some very important exercises completely safely. You may think that is what you can do? Sounds boring?

In fact, nothing can be done further. In fact, the number of exercises and changes is almost endless. One of the best parts of training at home with power planes is finding new exercises or suggesting changes in old favorites. Once you’ve identified the basics, dig in some old bodybuilding or powerlifting books and have a look at some of the classic. Or skip to the web and join a forum to get some ideas.

There are also exercises that are best performed or made in a power cage easier to do.

Bench press

In addition to safety, horizontal presses in power cages are generally better than many dedicated desktop presses. When discussing the ombudsman or safety bar, I mentioned that the barbarian cage had a hole pitch of 50 mm. This practice for bench press and other benefits there is another.

Barbell by the support called j hook on. Like baseball bats, they can move to where you want to start and stop your bench press. In some gyms, bench press may have only 3 or 4 positions.

This system also allows you to perform horizontal press changes such as tilting down and down pressing. So, you will be able to test and try out different positions and find the way that suits you best.

If you are exercising in the right form, the stick is also handy. Sometimes you can crooked the bar, you will not be smarter without a bar. However, if this option is checked, the bar touches first and you can make the necessary adjustments to the form.

Bench press can exercise your muscles, including your pectoral, triceps and front of the shoulder muscles. So, the first half of your upper body. Once you deal with a challenging weight, you can really feel its core.

However, do not fall into the trap of trying to claim the brawl by replacing the massive weight in bad form. Not only do you get injured, but you also can not move your target muscles properly, hampering your long-term development.


Squatting on the power rack has the same advantages as the horizontal press described above. The structure of the cage plays a more important role in this exercise. Restrict your movement forwards, backwards and downwards, allowing you to better focus on your technique and use the correct muscles in the correct order.

Well done, this exercise will attract so much muscle in your body. Of course, most improvements will be made on your legs and waist, but your upper body will also be stimulated as it supports your shoulders. Once you get up and handle some weight, the benefits of cardiovascular medicine also occur in the old lungs.

Chin ups

Now I can not think of any motivation to have a chinless form these days, so the chin can be considered as a standard power-beam exercise. Pull your chin up your muscles – pull back, biceps – so your upper body is not bench press parts.

If you have just started training or have a little weight and do not have the power to perform this exercise correctly, do not be desperate! There are many ways to solve this problem. You can use the resistance band. Or take one step, start and hold at the contract’s place – it will build muscle and pull you up.

Many cages now have multiple chin strips – which means you can grab different angles and widths. As a market leader, the barbarian cage already contains a different grip and bombs handle.

Suddenly dropped

Dip handle these days almost like a chin bar. If they are not included as barbaric, they can usually be purchased separately. If your power rack does not have a water grip, you can pick up the gymnastic rings, remove them from the power rack and prove again why they are so great. Motorized stands are great for improvisation.

Squatting is often described as squatting down the upper body as it recruits so much muscle in the upper body. If your current weight does not do this exercise correctly, you can use resistance to help.

In addition, if you are really strong, you can use dipped tape or heavier vest to increase weight.


Although we have leached the handle, why not try backwards. Do not push yourself up with dip in water, slide it under your dip handle and pull yourself up. Building your strength in this exercise will help you complete your chin.

If you do not have a dip stick, you can place your barbell on j-hooks and cross it off. Even if you have a dip handle, using a barbell is a big change. Dip handles usually give you a neutral or angled grip. Barbell will give you a level of grip.

Shoulder press

If you want to build some muscle shells on your shoulders, shoulder press is the main workout. Even though this exercise is specific to the shoulders, your arms, especially the triceps, can feel burns.

Sometimes, you may be limited to the bench in the right place. The hind legs of some benches may hit the rear cross-section of the power rack. This can usually be solved by switching to the front pillar.

Hanging ab raise

Your chin is not only suitable for the chin, but also suitable for work. You can hang down from the bar for leg lift. If you do not have the strength to persist for a long time, you can stop for a while to take a break.

Barbell exercise

If I expand all the barbell exercises and their changes, with the help of a power stand, this guide will eventually be longer than war and peace! Some of the exercises I mentioned here are technically possible without the help of a power shelf, but easier to do with the power shelf. In addition, some are just variations of the exercises already mentioned.

Shrug like exercise can be done with a barbell. However, if you have a barbell, you can set your bar on the bar and load your weight. It is easier to lift the rebar to the starting position than lifting the rebar off the ground. The same is true for practice. This reduces the likelihood of injury and allows you to focus and exercise intensity.

Other exercises include:

Barbell and curved line.
Military Press
Close the handle bench press
Upright line
Bicep curls
Lattice option
With the popularity of the grid cage, the market has developed optional add-ons to further enhance the training experience. The main and most effective will be a high and low sheave section at the back of the bolt, which effectively gives you a lat pulldown and seat-rowing machine.

In barbarian cages, this add-on is based on their commercial stand-alone lat machine. So, you can add a commercial-quality stretch pull-down in your gym without taking up more extra space, plus they are also very valuable!

With this addition, the list of potential exercises and variations exploded. Like a barbell exercise, it’s almost endless when you include change. For example, latitude pull-down can be done using traditional wide bars, but you can get cable attachments with a neutral handle.


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