This one health tip will convince you to stop eating at your desk (at least one day)


You know, if you chew a salt cookie for a long enough time, it starts to taste salty, sweet?

This is an experiment in my sixth grade science class. Our teacher asked us to chew a salt of salt for two minutes, a requirement for a hungry child before lunch. The idea is that it should tell us how carbohydrates are broken down by enzymes in saliva (this is the general idea, if you are curious).

Well, that was the exact memory we had in our minds a few weeks ago, when the Muse had a health specialist come to our office and talk about healthy work habits. She is explaining how we tend to overwork, so when we sit at a desk all day, distracted, because of the job to make us feel sick, arguing that we try to “mindfulness” diet.

This concept is all about experiencing your food (I know, I know, but stick to it). Don’t swallow anything as fast as you can because you’re hungry, but take time to savor, chew and digest every mouthful of food.

Of course, this isn’t the first time I’ve heard this. The New York times has also explored the idea.

“Try it: put a mouthful of food in your mouth. It doesn’t matter what the food is, but let it be something you like – it’s from three hot, fragrant, cooked wontons, for the first time. Now is the hard part. Put down your fork. This may be more challenging than you might think, because the first bite is very good, and the other one is immediately beckoned. Are you hungry… To resist it… Chew slowly. Don’t talk about attune to the texture of the pasta, the flavor of the cheese, the bright colors of the sauce in the bowl, the aroma of the steam. ”

Aside from the fact that diet is a good way to stay healthy (and perhaps to stick to a better diet in 2018), as its name implies, a form of mindfulness. It will force you to slow down, take a break, keep yourself right and move on with your day.

All it takes is to take your lunch off the table. As the Muse writer Kat Boogaard found out when she left her desk for a week’s lunch, “I’ve never had anyone think that my workday needs a break… But it took some time to take a deep breath, and I now fully believe in the power of rest. It’s just a short stay in the middle of my day, and I get back to my desk feeling motivated, focused and level.

So, if you’re interested in practicing more intelligent, but don’t know how, eating from the table can be a perfect first step.

In addition, we can all agree to our days, when we don’t need the care office to be more pleasant.


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