ATX Blackline cable accessories


ATX Blackline cable accessories

The new ATX Blackline cable accessories are not only our customers, but also mine. As a simple person with simple taste, I work hard for the basic things in life. As long as its function is correct and durable, it will get the green light. From my point of view, one of my favorite cars is my Holden Kingswood – there’s nothing to see, but no matter how you look at it, you won’t be disappointed.

When we got the new cable accessories from ATX, I thought I was going to pay a high price for cable handles when our basic Power Maxx model was such a good value. Given that they only spent 20 bucks, I’ve got a lot of good use, and it’s been paid a lot of times.

So we barely hung ATX Blackline Attachments on the walls of the exhibition hall and they started flying out the door. They are moving fast, and we have never bothered to put them on the site because they will be sold before we have a chance.

It’s not just beautiful accessories

Admittedly, these cable accessories do look tempting. Whether it’s a car, a motorcycle or something closer to home, these days are certainly popular. This does make customers want to pick and choose these cable accessories and look carefully. However, when these cable attachments are placed in your hands, you will feel different from the standard attachment used in the gym.

The reason for using chrome on the barbell and cable accessories is because it is very effective. No chromium plated barbells will rust. If you use a basic type of paint, the paint will disappear when you load the plate or load the barbell into the power cage. On the other hand, chromium is plated onto steel, so the binding force is very strong.

The downside of chrome plating is that it is very shiny and therefore slippery. Weight training grip is very important, so whether it is a barbell, a dumbbell handle or a cable handle, the roller should be a bit deeper and more aggressive. If you’ve been lifting weights for years, it’s not a big deal, because your hands are getting used to it. But for a beginner, they might get some blisters or tear some of the skin.

ATX has used research and innovation to find a solution, finding a black sheen less than chrome. This allows the ATX to use less aggressive knurling than is found in the same chrome-cable attachments. It is not as strong as the oxide surface found on the barbell, but the oxide surface is not suitable for these types of applications.

The oxide veneer needs some maintenance, because you’ll be rusting from time to time. This is the last thing the gym owner wants to do – around the maintenance cable machine handle!

Like the chromium alloy, the ATX surface treatment is also resistant to impact and scratch-resistant. Ordinary paint or powder coating that can be found on ordinary gym equipment is not designed for this purpose. It can be fragmented over time, so the weight of the hammer is either the sleeve or the chromium.

But wait for more…

In addition to the clever look, there are other beautiful design elements that add to their appeal. Cable joints have 360 degrees of rotation on both horizontal and vertical planes. Although not a huge difference, it only increases the smoothness of the movement, especially the handle handle used in exercises that often have Angle movements.

The position in this range is the cable row handle. The overall design is not only more beautiful than the ordinary seat accessories, but it feels a lot different. The end bracket is a perfect Angle to obtain good migration grip. It feels natural, like a line of sitting together!

On all the straight lines, you’ll see they have nylon ball screws. These balls give you some protection from the paint job of your gym equipment and the triceps attachment, and a member of the gym has rushed to release the set. They also reduced the metal noise generated by the metal impact. This is especially important to extend the wide pull rod through the power rack column. If you have a power rack with a pull option, I would definitely recommend this style of pulling down attachments.

Commercial gyms are ready to invest in making their business visually appealing. When a potential member wobbles, they are more likely to pay a little extra money and become a member of the gym, presenting high-quality fitness equipment in an elegant manner. Also at the home stadium, boys and girls are going to that extra yard to create a “wow” factor. For many family fitness enthusiasts, the era of crafty manufacturing and discovery of discarded items in local council collections has passed. Their gym is as passionate as a new car or bicycle, so they like to take their fun to the next level.

If it sounds like you, then ATX Blackline Attachments will be ideal for your gym.


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