General vibration: an effective method of motion?


General vibration: an effective method of motion?

When it comes to losing weight, there’s no silver bullet. After a series of failed fashion diets and a very good workout gear, many people are skeptical that hearing full-body vibrations is an effective way to lose weight. Body vibrations, also known as vibration training, include standing, sitting or lying on a platform, vibrating through the body. Low amplitude, low frequency mechanical simulation is said to improve flexibility, power and muscle strength. The vibration of the machine forces your muscles to contract and relax many times per second.

Vibration trainer vibration is measured in Hertz (Hz) and the number of vibrations per second. This means that at 35 Hertz, the target muscle receives 35 cycles per second. The amplitude is measured in millimeters, which refers to the vertical movement amplitude of the platform, in other words, the intensity of vibration. Not all vibrations are the same – the higher the vibration amplitude and frequency, the higher the intensity of the exercise. The recommended vibrations used in most studies are 25 to 40 Hz.

Body vibration is part of a trend known as “passive exercise” because it allows you to exercise without doing anything. Proponents of full-body vibrations claim it can help you burn fat, lose weight, improve flexibility and build strength. The whole body vibration training includes standing on the vibrating platform and the handle is connected to the vibrating platform. Vibration trainers generally allow you to adjust Settings like any treadmill. You can stand on a platform or bow while the platform is vibrating throughout the body, sitting down, push-ups, etc. The nearest body part of the platform has the greatest benefit from vibration.

The origin of body vibration training

General vibration training is nothing new. It was first developed by Soviet scientists in the 1960s to prepare for space travel. Vibration training allowed Soviet cosmonauts to spend 400 days on average in space. By contrast, American astronauts can only spend 130 days in space. Soviet researchers have found that vibration training helps prevent bone density and muscle tissue loss, both of which are consumed in zero-gravity environments. Over time, full-body vibration training has evolved to accommodate the needs of our planet’s inhabitants.

The benefits of full body vibration

The effectiveness of full-body vibration training is still debated in the scientific community. It’s too early to say whether full-body vibrations can provide the same health benefits as walking, running or swimming, but research has shown that it can help reduce weight and improve muscle strength. Some studies have shown that body vibration, in addition to the benefits associated with fitness, includes reducing back pain, improving the balance of older people and increasing bone density. Vibration training can also effectively treat fibromyalgia, spinal cord injury and arterial stiffness. In addition, vibration training has been shown to increase blood flow to the working muscles and surrounding tissues, which can help facilitate training or recovery and healing after injury. By increasing blood flow to these areas,

A growing number of studies on vibration training are focused on older people, who often struggle with conventional strength training. For example, a study published in the journal of the American geriatric society found that older adults who were unable to perform traditional exercises had increased muscle strength and movement speed by using vibratory trainers.

Does vibration training fit you?

Body vibration is not for everyone. In some cases, vibration training can be harmful and can affect pacemakers and other electronic implants. Pregnant women and anyone with a history of seizure, tumor or thrombosis should also avoid vibration training. Be sure to consult your doctor before using the vibrator, especially if you have any health problems.

So far, the study seems to support the notion that vibration training provides an active role. But it’s also important if you want to lose weight and become healthy, eat the right foods and incorporate physical activity into your daily life. Although the use of whole body vibration training to supplement the normal movement is possible, but you probably should not rely solely on vibration training, until more research, proof vibration training provides the same as the conventional aerobic and strength the health benefits of the range of training activities.

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