Children like to tinker with toys that are not neat. But are they too distracted?



Children like to tinker with toys that are not neat. But are they too distracted?

Melissa Ferry is a great believer in getting students to use gadgets in the classroom.

She points out that studies have shown that playing with gadgets, gadgets, cubes, putty and textiles can effectively improve the attention and attention of students with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. She also has seven years of anecdotal evidence of how good they are for some children.

“If we find that students don’t focus, get up and use the bathroom, sharpen their pencils or cause a stir, they may need a sensory tool to help them focus,” says Ferry. Ferry is a delightful addition to The special education teacher at Mount Ganiard elementary school, which is also a contributor to The Friendship Circle, a blog for special education. “There are many adaptive learning tools, like some kids need glasses and others need children.”

She offers a variety of options for students and helps them make a pressure ball filled with sand, oatmeal or flour.

The ferry pointed to a case study involving a sixth grade classroom in Georgia, in which the average score of students under pressure was increased from 73% to 83%. Those with ADHD diagnoses improved by 27 percent.

Her toy stance was a good thing for her students, and now these gadgets are all the rage among children.

Cathy Siegel, the owner of a party rock band at a small party store in Toronto, said she started keeping toys in February and now she can’t put them on the shelves. “It’s crazy,” she said. “We only sold more than 200 spinning factories this weekend.”

While some shoppers are buying gadgets to help manage ADHD symptoms, Siegel says most customers buy from her stores use thebecay don’t want to be the only ones with no popular toys. “Once a child buys one and everyone wants one, it’s a trend,” she says.

They are so popular that some teachers have banned them from the classroom. Some schools in Manchester, England, have made headlines recently by announcing the ban on toys, in a process that has angered parents with special needs.

“At first, I think that other children have these things is very good, because he doesn’t have to answer any questions, also won’t feel embarrassed,” one mother told the Manchester evening news “, but now they have been banned in the school, which means that he will have to lose to him very beneficial assistance. “


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