Counterattack against sex toys


Counterattack against sex toys

Do all girls want to play with dolls and tea sets? Do all the boys want guns and trucks? Of course not. So why are toymakers so aggressive in marketing these stereotypes?

Ross Bauer and her partner James started keeping track of their children’s lives three years ago when they were on maternity leave. Their daughter Josie is three years old and their son Clem is three months old. They want to document the moment when their child is aware of gender stereotypes; When they were pointing to a world of girls and boys living in a separate, pink and blue world view – the first field in the field of rigid passive, beautiful and gentle, the aggressive, active and strong.

The result was published under the headline “baby sex diary”, while the London radio reporter Bauer couldn’t believe how much to write. On the first day, they came to a toy stall where Josie’s older male cousin directed her to the pantomime of her beloved little girl: a fluffy pink headdress. One of the boys then chose a pink torch for himself, and the owner replied, “can I get you blue?” The boy, about five years old, is happy to agree to exchange this year.

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The next day, when Josie appears around the nursery, she will be there, a table covered with a car is described as “a boy’s corner”. Not long after, Bauer saw two different children’s TV shows, continuously appearing male characters, and they looked awkward in pink.

In German lawyer and writer Mary Ann grubb luc (Marianne Grabrucker) reading “have a Good Girl” (The Good Girl), inspired by Ball, The book was first published in The 80 s The international bestseller, was born in August 1981, Grabrucker daughter Anneli chart by gender stereotypes. Grabrucker kept a diary at the time, and these stereotypes could be weakened or even thrown out altogether. 60 s and 70 s of the 20th century the second wave of the feminist gender roles are analyzed, and started a trend of gender discrimination parents, based on a determination to raising a child the freedom to embrace them of interest – whether it’s math, buildings and cars girl, or fashion, dolls and the boy’s cooking.

Over the years, the adult world has made significant progress in gender equality. More women into the workplace and public life, many men occupy a larger share in the housework, and gay and transgender people strive for more power and popularity and has carried on the intense struggle. However, when it comes to the world of children – the toys they play and the clothes they wear – the stereotype has never been so defined, or strictly enforced. Pink and blue have triumphed in the toy market, and children who break the watershed are often severely punished. The rise of highly gendered toys is the result of capitalism, but it also hints at the profound, subconscious unease of the past few decades of progress.

Over the past few years, people around the world have begun to question the culture. In America, for example, a man named Antonia Ayres – Brown, a senior high school students this week wrote a since 2008 at the age of 11 to start a movement, the movement is to prevent a McDonald’s to distribute their fast food tableware according to gender. She recently received a letter from the company chief diversity officer, said: “McDonald’s intention and the target is, every customer want to have a happy tableware toys can get his or her choice of toys, and don’t have a toy to be classed as” boy “‘ or ‘girls’ toys”.

Tricia Lowther has been working hard in durham, England. Her six-year-old daughter, Mary Ann, like pixar film of the car, when she first saw it, and one day, in the supermarket when lowther-pinkerton buy juice box, “this is to make a choice between cars and the princess, I got her car, make sure she will like them”. Instead, marian hid the box. When Lowther asked what it was, the answer was: “it’s childish. “I said, ‘but you like cars, don’t you? “I know, but I don’t want anyone to know,” she said.

Lowther is part of the activity that lets toy toys begin at the end of 2012, as the parenting website Mumsnet has threads about gender-specific sex problems with toys. In a year’s time, the sport has persuaded including boots, toys “r” us and m&s, 12 major retailers to remove toys on display “girl” and “boy”. Lowther said she wants stores to classify products according to their themes and interests rather than gender. Last month, the event was expanded to include books and book projects, children’s winner Malorie Blackman, poet laureate Carol Ann Duffy and author Philip Pullman. This requires publishers to stop for boys and girls specially produce label, because as pullman said: “any publishers should not in any announced on the cover of a book readers of this book is more like, let the reader to decide.


In Australia last year, Let Toys Be Toys, Thea Hughes and Julie Huberman inspired Play Unlimited and quickly convinced Toys R Us to give up the boys and girls categories on its website. When I spoke to hughes, she had just launched a new online petition to stop the wider adoption of gender stereotypes in children. When her son, Harper, now four and a half years old, was born, her knowledge of the problem deepened. She said it was heartbreaking to see people’s love of pink and dress. “I could see that he was beginning to realize that he was being tried, and because of the pressure of society, he couldn’t make the choices he wanted to make, and it was very sad when he was so young.

The visit to the Hamleys in London, which began on Easter weekend, highlights the problem. In 2011, a campaign by neuroscientist Laura Nelson led to the cancellation of the logo of the UK’s largest toy store, saying one floor was a boy and the other was a girl. But there are still many stereotypes. On the ground floor, there are toys for young children, with costumes, perhaps the best guide for girls, and boys at the lowest level. For example, there is a three-to-six year old wedding dress, a fake corset. As parents and children think, beyonce is excited in the background: “if you like it, then you should put a ring on it. Other the railway to the top of the dress is pink female jeans, pink woman clothing, pink and purple superhero costumes and a “stylist” light brown, pink, purple, decorated, equipped with plastic comb, mirror, scissors, and hair dryer. The boy has two options:

On another level, there is no need for “girl” signs. One woman at the back of the escalator said to her daughter, “I think this might be the girl’s floor. It looks a little girl, isn’t it?” There are pink cleaning suits, cooking POTS and hair tools. Barbie shows the architecture of ballet studios, fashion boutiques, ice cream cars and mansions. Next to it is the Disney princess position. As the American writer, palin Orenstein, analyzed the princess culture (Peggy Orenstein), she published in 2011, “Cinderella ate my daughter: the new girl cultural front line scheduling” points out, there are 26000 Disney princess products on the market, and this franchise is one of the world’s largest two years to two years of girls all six men dream of the prince of the future. This range is the epitome of high fantasy women sold to girls today. Several floors appear to be the boy’s floor, and Scalextric kits are stacked alongside the Hornby toy, Airfix model and a series of remote-controlled vehicles.

The reasons for this segregation are usually natural and traditional – it has always been there. And boys, and pink and blue girl, in fact, the link between is relatively new, as fashion historians Jo Paoletti B in her the “pink and blue: tell the girl’s boy”. Paoletti writes that in the Victorian era, boys and girls were dressed in white and did not attempt to show the gender of their children. In the first half of the 20th century, the rules of pink and blue began to appear, but some of the rules were loosely linked to the virgin Mary, while others suggested that blue was the girl’s color. Rules often have nothing to do with gender. Paoletti said: “I have seen in the 20 s and 30 s paper dolls, children’s blue with blue eyes, brown eyes of children is pink, there are many brown eyes boy, they first got pink birthday gift.


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