Motivation & amp; Gift manual 2005: toys & The game


Motivation & amp; Gift manual 2005: toys & The game

Finding the right toy means balancing intuition, selling science, “aah” and safety rules.


Studying your toys and games can easily lead to the chairperson’s wife syndrome: a person who feels happy and interesting has absolutely no effect on others.

Russ Berrie premium and national account director John maroussi (John Mallows) said: “look at the people spend their money, with a soft toy, for example, people often think that a joint bear is welcome, but in fact it is a niche market. Most brands are looking for mass market appeal. ”

Don’t forget to study any marketing material that can bring back life as a toy. Charmin Bear, Andrex Puppy and Duracell Bunny show what you can do with a brand icon.

Check your supply chain nothing can put a toy dominated movement faster, rather than find your premium is issued under the condition of not ethical to unqualified quality. Many toys are made in the far east and you need to meet the arrangement of major manufacturers and subcontractors.

Reputable vendors will be able to assure you that their products are produced without a public relations crisis. “We have a quality assurance partner to ensure that our products meet the required standards,” said Adam Donovan, Firebox’s sales manager.

‘sticking to a vendor is a toy expert,’ says Mr. Marlos. On Monday, the company that made toys, Tuesday’s handbags and Wednesday’s t-shirts didn’t know the details of the market.

The CE mark on the product will ensure that it meets the basic requirements of European health, safety and environmental protection legislation and is entitled to distribution in the European market.

Beware of fashion for every pokemon, lego and barbie doll, there are hundreds of toys that won’t win a place in the hearts of consumers. “It’s not a nice look to support dumb, but you have to back down before fashion, or it’s too late,” Marlowe said. “Or you can modify traditional projects to make them more attractive.”

Tradition doesn’t mean boredom, Donovan said. Retro games from the 1970s or 1980s, such as Space Invaders and Twister, have proven appealing, but retain their hip credentials.

Before payment is played before you know it, it’s not always clear what the product is. Passing a product between colleagues will quickly indicate whether a product is right for your brand. You can go through the drawings and the design of the product, but you missed the “ah factor”, especially with soft toys.

“It’s nice to have something like Thinking Putty,” Donovan says, “because it gives them a better understanding of its capabilities and allows them to provide feedback.

With the development of manufacturing in the far east, the time of delivery of toys is relatively long and inflexible. Toys are often bulky, so air freight is expensive. Make your toy available for at least three months on a project. “This is three months from the approval of the sample,” added marlos. “Suppliers have to be prepared to make a project.”

Ten big toy

– bratz – flashback party (Vivid) – 1960s, 1970s and 1980s anti-barbie costumes

– the child of the cabbage patch (vivid) – pug faces grotesque returns

– classic games – Twister, Buckaroo, Cluedo – are still hot these years

– explorer DORA (mattel) – this doll lives and sings

Leapfrog – an electronic education system – kids can learn something between shooting

– power brigade (Bandai) – take over the universe with these toys of mass destruction

– Robosapiens – who says the space race is a waste of time? The walking talking kung fu robot was designed by a NASA scientist

– Tamagotchi Connexion (universal) – more sleepless nights and the latest incarnation of intensive care electronic pets

– trampoline (TP) – end couch potato dictatorship and some bounce fun

– v-smile (V Tech) – three to seven years old, plug and play learning system

All the great

BATR voted to use Lego as a 20th-century toy. Monopoly is named as the century game, yo-yo is the craze of this century. In recent years, however, the new name has won this year’s BATR toy

In 2003: Beyblades

In 2002: Beyblades

In 2001: Bionicles

In 2000: Teksta

1999: Furby baby

In 1998: Furby

1997: teletubbies

1996: barbie doll

In 1995: POG

1994: power brigade


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