Signs of healthy cats, and how to keep your cat healthy


Signs of healthy cats, and how to keep your cat healthy

Playing with cats is one of the most enjoyable things cats have, and it’s important for them to be healthy when they’re young. Play encourages your cat to be active, stay soft, and maintain a good physical condition. Better yet, playing is a great cat exercise, which helps encourage them to express their natural hunting instincts.

Why do cats play

Your cat’s playful behavior can be cute! Cat from the age of four weeks to start playing, spend most of their time struggling with other cats, because they know the social pecking order, from the age of seven to eight weeks, they will turn their attention to inanimate objects of predatory game. These are signs of a healthy cat.

The benefits of exercising your cat

Play 20 minutes a day and provide a lot of mental stimulation and important exercise for your cat, plus the connection between you.For indoor cats, play is particularly important to ensure that they consume the energy normally used to patrol areas and hunt prey. Indoor cats may need longer game times, or play several games in a day.

The cat and cat peak hours are in the early morning and early evening. Play with your pet before you go to bed, so your kitten will be tired and ready to sleep.

Cats often play alone and sometimes seem to be driven away by an unseen friend, which is totally normal!

Toys are fun, but interactive games are fun too, and one of the best ways to keep your cat or cat healthy and react to you. Make sure your cat is always available for toys, but keep it for your own game time – your cat will think these toys are special. Remember, never let your cat or cat ignore your fishing toy or other toys with a certain length of rope, because these things can be dangerous. Any toy left with your cat should be safe, with no small parts to chew and swallow.

Lonely cats may play more crudely with their host, because they only play with you.

Don’t encourage jumping and jumping with your hands or feet. While this may be fun for kittens, these habits may continue into adulthood, which may encourage aggression in humans in the future.

Have at least two fun times a day. For young indoor cats living on their own, you need to activate their 30 daily “chases” hunt to keep them satisfied. However, if you have more than one cat and like to play with each other, or if your cat is older and less active, then less.

The key to getting cats interested is knowing their prey. If toys swing under a sofa or cabinet, hide under a cushion or suddenly fly, your cat will be more interested in toys. Let the toy behave like a mouse!

Play with your cat

The best games are often those involving toys, which don’t require expensive toys. A mouse or cloth with a stick, catnip, or wrapped toy. Consider installing an indoor climbing rack with a scratch-stick.

A bucket full of crumpled paper or ping-pong balls can be a useful distraction. When your cat tries to catch you, throw a ball downstairs for them.

Leave a large paper bag on the floor to sneak in and tear, but don’t use plastic bags and cut off any handles that may be clipped around your cat’s neck.

It’s also fun to jump in. Glue a few boxes together, connect them with peep-hole, provide the kitten with hide-and-seek, and put a toy ball or mouse toy inside to get extra excitement. These are great cat exercise toys because they encourage your cat to play and explore – and it’s fun to watch them bump up and down!

Make a bag full of dried catnip and mint, which will make some wild cats wild!

Try hanging a fishing rod with a feather or bell at the end of the rope.

Some cats like to chase and jump beams of light from a small flashlight or laser pointer.

Once you have finished the game, keep the toy out of sight so that you can keep it nice when you take out your toys again. You’ll notice that your cat’s favorite game may be an interesting change in their natural hunting instincts: “mouse jump”, “fish gourd”, “bird jump” and “fight”.


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