Women in Tokyo cut through stress and fat with a samurai knife


Women in Tokyo cut through stress and fat with a samurai knife


Tokyo’s fitness surge is growing, but based on an ancient tradition: the samurai sword movement is nothing new. You are not only brandished by a handsome teacher like a swordsman, but you also reduce stress and excess fat.

A writer from RocketNews24 partner site Pouch Kon Inoue, Den Tian Gu area in Tokyo – en – toshi line pool – walking near bridge station, hear strange sound from a building basement: “a! Two! Three! “With a strong Japanese accent. Deep inside she was shocked to see a woman in a Japanese rock band full of Japanese rock and roll. What did she stumble upon?

Her reporter felt prickly, Kon wanted to know more. After doing some research, she made several calls and started taking part in one of these quirky new lessons. Of course, for you, our dear readers, this is not because the teacher happens to be a lingering person.

The teacher is the creator Ukon Takafuji, also a special master of Katana Exercise. About seven years ago, Takafuji, from kanazawa prefecture, began practicing sword dance. He is also a physiotherapist who sees the benefits of a lot of “troublesome parts” hitting women’s hips, hips and upper arms.

Why not turn this interesting, interesting and historic dance into a women’s exercise class, he thought? Takafuji ran with the idea, and now more than 100 students attend classes in Tokyo.

Takafuji believes participants can lose up to four kilograms and five percent of their body fat during the three-month course, let alone substantially shape the legs and arms. To be safe (after all, appendages are not weight loss), all of them are made from foam and wood made from imitation katana, mainly including a series of music basic movements.

“Aiming position”, “straight cut”, “diagonal line”, “three-level thrust” (a special act of the famous historical swordsman) and other basic movements. In addition, students did similar exercises such as wrestlers’ high feet in the ring before the game.

For 70 minutes each class, you’d better believe that you sweat the back. Mr. Well admitted that she had to squat quickly when the teacher didn’t look.

After class, Mr. Well asked other students about their experiences and what brought them to class. It was explained that before joining, she was alone as a means of exercise, “but without any meaning”. Now, she attends the Katana exercise class three times a week and points out that her previous shoulder pain has disappeared.

“In my normal gym, I can’t dance,” another breathless sword swaying. “Besides, I am interested in traditional culture, so I chose this one.”

Good exercise and opening up new hobbies and interests, you can’t ask for more. So you can ask for more lessons, including asking for 8,000 yen, and currently only cover three categories.

Plus, 8,000 yen is nothing to the “make you feel like a samurai” class! “I think we have a small place to be a warrior.

Ladies, if you don’t want to do it, try a free trial course (3,500 yen worth), just sign up on the website and use English!

As for you might be missing, don’t worry, all of the classes are for women, men with a special day each month, so you can try, see you what’s the fuss was about.

Here you can check the Ukon Takafuji samurai sword training course: B1F, 1-7-4, Tokyo’s black block bridge. Telephone: 03-6415-8051 (11:00-18:00 weekdays) course: lunch time: Thursday, Saturday: 1:30-2:45 p.m. Evening: Monday to Thursday 7:45 PM-9 PM; Friday at 8:15-9:30 p.m


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