The top 10 successful entrepreneurs have their morning routine


The top 10 successful entrepreneurs have their morning routine

The key to productive days is to start right. Your initial action laid the foundation for mediocre or extraordinary results. These are the 10 crazy successful entrepreneurs who got hooked on it from the moment they opened their eyes.

Make a to-do list the night before.

I worked alternately for an hour, jogging to the office. In the office, I reviewed the to-do list I had done the night before. I find my priorities and do them first. There is a way to avoid you today, so it ensures that the most important tasks are done.

I got up early, played basketball, and this day started my day in the air and clarity. I take a shower and have a three-egg breakfast (protein satisfies me and my concentration fuel). I cleared my inbox for two purposes: to eliminate any bottlenecks in my team and to start the day with any challenges I would face. I reflect on what I need to do during my commute and face the day.

Your personality determines your ideal process.

Most people have dominant personality types – actual, action, social or emotional. Knowing your personality type can determine your best routine. Utility types require highly structured daily work. Actions like mine need diversity. I can jog or do jujitsu. Or I read different types of books, not just business books. Social types need to revolve around people building their daily lives. On Snapchat, you often see me working out in a gym of 10 or 20 people. Emotional types are sensitive and often introverted, so they should have a lot of quiet time and introspection in their daily work.

All the routines of the first concept is “insist”, means to stick to your plan, everyone has a plan for the routine in the morning, until the life to you, so according to your personality type to create a plan you can insist on.

Stimulate your brain.

Before I was busy with an unpredictable day, I would take cold water in my pool, spend a few minutes honing my relaxation skills, and make myself a cup of coffee. I would adjust my brain by attacking the crossword puzzle of the Los Angeles times in 20 minutes. Only in this way can I step into my office and work

I drank a clean in one ounce of water mineral, drank a quart of structured purifying water to rinse my system, and then use a 45 pounds of kettle bell for 20 minutes of Turkish get up, to wake up every muscle. I have a thirty-six minute meeting, my Seqex and three milliliters of ocean living Marine phytoplankton, the ultimate brain nutrients. I used 30 doses of EASE magnesium spray in my belly and then massaged it with my waist after the shower, then took a cellular repair agent. Breakfast, I eat three different types of fruit and two farm fresh fertilized organic eggs. Finally, I have a green smoothies.

Before I get out of bed, I spend a few minutes stretching under my bedspread, thanking me for my health and my health. I set my intentions for the day and usually speak up to myself. I drank a whole cup of water, made coffee or tea, lit some candles and daydreams, and set more intentions for my goals. I graduated slowly, checking email as much as possible before I left the house to do my work, and getting as much work done as possible.

I get up at 5:30, drink 20 ounces of water and start my metabolism. Then I wrote a quick gratitude list of things I appreciated that morning. I have determined today’s intentions to identify one or two of the most important things I have to achieve to feel that I have made a great day towards my goals.

I am a very early bird: 4:15 is the first alarm clock in the morning, before the 4:30 a.m. alarm clock fifteen minutes of Thanksgiving time, when I jump out of bed in the gym, five to six in the morning nice meeting have private coach; From 6:30 a.m. to 7 a.m., the moment of meditation and outlook, I focus on achieving my goals and dreams. At 7:15 a.m. to 7:45 a.m., it’s family time. At 8 a.m., work begins.

Take care of yourself first. I meditate, use my five-minute diary, move and exercise, and drink a protein shake. Then I help others in some way, caring for others: I post a #PloughShare online, send a written thank-you note or make a meaningful introduction. I usually write by writing courses, although I sometimes draw or create images. In the end, I took a big step towards my mission.

As a doctor, an entrepreneur and a father of a child, my days are easy to get confused if I don’t perform well. I wake up at 6:30 a.m., with at least 30 minutes of quiet solitude without distraction. As I drank my morning coffee, I meditated through meditation to get my mind into the right state of mind, looking back at my goals today, some education reading and prayer. Positive thinking produces great power in your mind, so I strongly pursue this mental state. If I didn’t practice of intermittent fasting, so I can take a very light breakfast, according to my latest laboratory blood tests, take some nutritional supplements, and then use the passion and energy to begin to take the time.


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