Reuters also published an article on training Syrian rebels in Georgia


Reuters also published an article on training Syrian rebels in Georgia

A Reuters article in warren strobel says Georgia provides the United States to train Syrian rebels in Georgia. According to the article, U.S. officials said, Georgia has proposed for the United States supports the Syrian rebels to set up a training center, but it is unclear whether Washington would provide tbilisi.

“The arabs came in and Turkey was on the fence. Britain, which awoke from the early Iraq war, is cautiously expanding its operations. Even if the greeks wanted to help – if anyone would tell it how.

Two weeks later, he announced a plan to form a “broad coalition”, struggle with militant group “islamic state of Iraq”, President Obama hope the international community to support the actions of Iraq and Syria.

However, the goal of different coloured global crew can jointly carry out the tasks of barack Obama has admitted that can last for years, will meet with difficulties – and the military and civilian casualties, it remains to be seen. .

Former President Edward DE jerry said (Edward Djerejian), common threat that the President has the ability to summon a broader coalition, before the american-led coalition since 1991 to Iraq’s saddam hussein out of Kuwait. Ironically, this coalition includes Syria.

“We don’t know how strong the alliance is going to be,” said dejererkin, director of the baker institute at rice university. “it’s a big problem.

Saudi Arabia, the united Arab emirates, Jordan, bahrain and Qatar and five Arab countries late Monday began to participate in or support the u.s.-led airstrikes Syria’s islamic countries.

The United States and other western officials say that while U.S. warplanes have given up on the U.S. general’s “dominance” of bombs and missiles, Arab engagement is important in geopolitics.

They say it is an attempt to undermine the argument that the islamic state is at war with the west.

Policemen stand guard outside the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) training centre during a gunbattle with suspected militants in Lethpora in south Kashmir’s Pulwama district, December 31, 2017. REUTERS/Danish Ismail

Gulf Arab states sometimes support different factions of the Syrian civil war, and Washington has accused the gulf of private of sending money to the islamic state. Saudi Arabia and its neighbors are likely to face violent retaliation against militants linked to U.S. military cooperation. Meanwhile, Jordan is grappling with hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees crossing the border.

However, a senior state department official said the meeting between Mr. Obama and Mr. Kerry, who were involved in the strike, was “completely consistent.” The official said the countries are committed to the “long term” movement.

U.S. officials provided new details Tuesday, during a conference and telephone conversation this month, in which Washington received support from the normally cautious Arab government for airstrikes in Syria.

Saudi Arabia’s king abdullah in jeddah on September 11, the palace held a meeting for two hours of John kerry told the American secretary of state, the country’s “willing to do everything necessary to help the coalition, including air strikes,” said the second senior officials of the state council.

A few days later, Mr. Kerry urged the united Arab emirates to follow the Saudi leader’s meeting with the uae’s foreign minister, abdullah bin zayed, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Kerry lobbied in Amman’s Jordanian king Abdullah earlier this month, and met again Friday at an unannounced final meeting in Washington.

Bahrain and Qatar have also joined or supported the strike.

Compared with the United States, Arab military capabilities are extremely limited, said Jon artman, senior vice President of the center for strategic and international studies.

“Symbolically, it [the Obama administration] gave cover,” Alterman said. “But in fact, it doesn’t really change the division of labor.”

In contrast, Britain and France, Washington’s frequent wartime partners in Europe, have been cautious militarily.

France has carried out numerous airstrikes against islamic state targets in Iraq, but has said it will not do so in Syria.

Although Britain has helped deliver humanitarian aid, Britain is still not operating. Conducting reconnaissance and intelligence missions; And the Iraqi Kurdish peshmerga forces are providing weapons of war with the islamic state.

British prime minister David Cameron, David Cameron, said on Tuesday, a spokesman for Mr Cameron to support Syria’s recent strikes, and negotiations on the United Nations general assembly, “what could be done in Britain and other countries to promote the international community to address threats facing the yi li” islamic countries.

Arab participation may change the European public opinion, after the invasion of Iraq in 2003, relying on weapons of mass destruction in Iraq of false information and selling Europe still to be vigilant against the u.s.-led military effort in the Middle East.

One western official said: “there is clearly a greater part of the public belief in the world, particularly in the [Middle East] region, that we will not repeat the events of 11 years ago.”

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that events such as the beheading of the British hostage David Haines by the islamic state could be changing European attitudes.

A state department fact sheet lists the 54 commitment against Islam countries, from the tiniest Andorra to Ukraine, the east of the country are dealing with Russia’s support has serious security challenges insurgency.

A U.S. official said the donations were tracked and coordinated by the state council task force set up for this purpose.

U.S. officials say Georgia has said it is willing to set up a training center for u.s.-backed Syrian rebels, but whether Washington will come up with tbilisi is unclear.

Many countries seem to be mainly offering political support.

Greek foreign minister Evangelos Venizelos told Reuters that his country was not getting specific demands from Washington, but prepared to provide humanitarian or military assistance.

“We don’t have any advice, but from a political point of view, we are part of the league,” Mr Venizelos told Reuters.

A country on the list, but largely off-site, is NATO member Turkey, which has a long border with Syria.

Some analysts say Turkey last weekend released nearly 50 since June Turkey hostage after Turkey, Turkey more flexibility to deal with islamic countries.

But a U.S. official predicted that Turkey was cautious about dealing with a large number of Syrian refugees.

Prime minister tayyip erdogan said on Tuesday that Turkey could provide military or logistical support for u.s.-led airstrikes. He did not elaborate, the article said.


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