Special information for my Muslim sisters


Special information for my Muslim sisters

When you scroll down your Instagram feed and see others – don’t compare yourself to them. Hug your natural beauty, never feel you have to compete with others, or never feel you need to change yourself, looks like them – because we see things filter is often used on the image to create illusion. This “perfect” idea is a myth. It looks like someone’s idea needs to get rid of our minds, because it only leads to self-destruction. We don’t need all-weather look “no defects”, and we also do not need to portray itself as a truly is not something, only to curry favor with the followers and others to use social media platforms. Embrace yourself. Embrace the almighty to bless you.

As far as I am concerned, I spent a few hours to scroll through the contents of the sets, I met some public figures relentlessly to post their own pictures, such as “target” comments made me realise that social media how to kill the reality. We have become so obsessed with how we feel that it is almost as if we live for the approval of others, rather than the recognition of our creator. We don’t need to look up to kardashian’s likes and don’t need to imitate what someone else does in a magazine – because really, really, the girls in the magazine are not like the girls in the magazine.

We live in a digital age, people are using filters, Photoshop and other ways to edit your, like there’s no tomorrow – they can’t see how his life in the form of self-destruction. Beneath the outline and the fluorescent pen lay a beautiful man – barely seen. Millions, perhaps millions of people feel inferior and priceless, purely because they feel that they are physically incompatible with society. They feel that if their eyebrows are not “bloated”, or if their fluorescent pen is not “bursting”, then they have a problem… How sad.

Let’s not ignore the fact that most of the public figures girls are looking for have undergone countless cosmetic surgeries. When their lips smile, filler and other enhancements substances from their jaws were cut out look is a kind of specific way – no one is real, but you are real, that is important. Stop focusing on x and y, instead focus on yourself, focus on real happiness, and focus on the real things in life. Beauty fades – your mental and mental growth is more important.

So please don’t feel the need to change yourself to impress others, because you can’t impress everyone, if you really want to be happy – ask your creator, not create.

When you look at yourself in the mirror today, tell yourself that you are beautiful, and no one remembers that no one has the right to decide what you should think.

With love,

Another sister


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