Weight strength training & muscle building 101


Weight strength training & muscle building 101

If your goal is to improve your fitness level and body shape, you need to include strength training as part of your program. Whether your primary goal is to lose weight, increase your muscles, or improve your overall body composition, you need to be trained to get the right results.

Some people think that strength training is only necessary to build muscle. But, no. Trying to lose weight is also an important way to maintain muscle and strength.

If you are going to use weight method for strength training and want more help, we will help you. That’s why we made this beginner’s guide for you, weight strength training 101.

What is weight strength training?

It just USES the weight of your own body as a means to increase your strength.

Many people think that increasing strength is accomplished by lifting weights. However, you can increase your strength by using your own weight. In addition, weight strength training can be optimized for different types of forces.

Strength is defined as your body’s ability to use muscle strength to resist resistance. You have to use resistance to induce muscle contractions to increase your strength.

Anything with weight can be used as resistance, including your own body weight, foreign body or both. However, resistance must be continuously carried out (progressive overload) to increase your strength and muscle size.

In weight training, you can simply add weight to dumbbells, barbells or machines to achieve progressive overload. Weight training USES different movements and increases in training as a means to achieve progressive overload. You’ll make harder weight exercises and you’ll be stronger.

Gain strength

Improve your performance – strong and strong, and make you perform better in various sports, work and daily life. It can help you successfully complete tasks and overcome challenges to improve your quality of life.

Build muscle – gain strength leads to increased muscle size. More muscle helps you look more attractive and commands respect

Reduce the risk of injury – we risk injury every day. Strength gives you more protection and makes you more suitable for the environment you live in.

More self-confident – when you know you’re weak and strong, it gives you a feeling of self-confidence. Knowing your strengths can help you live with less fear and insecurity.

The benefits of weight training

So you read the benefits of gaining strength. Now here is the benefit of using weight training as a tool to build power.

Burn more calories – most weight exercises burn a lot of calories when you execute them. Just the weight of strength training can have a huge impact. However, if you want to maximize your effectiveness, try to include running, swimming, or cycling cardiovascular activities in the sport.

One of the greatest strengths of exercise – weight training anywhere – is that you can exercise at any time. Whether you want to exercise at home, because you hate the gym, or you travel a lot, weight is the answer.

Perfect for beginners – this is a good place to start a beginner in strength training or someone who wants to do weight training in the future.

Practice is compound – weight sports work multiple muscle groups at the same time. Some might argue that they are even more muscular than similar free weights.

Reducing the risk of injury – another benefit of weight strength training is reducing the likelihood of injury. Serious tears and other accidents that result in weight training occur frequently. Using weight exercises can greatly reduce the chances of these events.

Cheap cost – the only thing you might need to spend a few dollars is a top bar, but even if you can get free, if you can build your own.

Have fun – it’s just a more interesting way than lifting weights. It allows you to perform a lot of creative action that will impress your friends. You can imagine how you would be surprised if you used your own way to carry out the “flag of humanity” or “handstand push-ups”.

How to gain strength through weight training

It’s time to learn how to gain strength and muscle through weight training.

Start with basic exercises

Although weight training can make you strong and muscular, a great transformation can’t happen overnight. You have to start with the basics before you start to try anything extreme. The beginner’s standard is to start practicing, pushing and pulling your body. The basic movements that begin with weight training are basic push-ups, pull-ups, and crouch.

By starting the basic movement, you will build a good foundation of strength and become familiar with basic weight exercises to help you advance properly to advanced sports. As I mentioned above, one of the great things about weight exercise is that they work multiple muscle groups at the same time, which is what you need at a beginner’s level of strength training.

About basic weight strength exercises

Push-ups – this exercise requires you to lift your upper body with both arms from the body. It can train your chest and triceps, as well as secondary muscles such as shoulders.

The upper pull – this exercise requires that you usually pull a lever from the ground. Once implemented correctly, it will strengthen your back and arms, as well as minor muscles, such as your abs and shoulders.

Squat – these are all aimed at strengthening your legs. They are down on the ground by sitting in a position.

Dip – this exercise is responsible for strengthening your entire upper body.

Sit-ups – a couple of weight abdominal exercises. But when it comes to basic sit-ups, you’ll need to work on your belly. You need to strengthen your abs, not only to make them look good, but to have a strong core is the most important thing.

The goal of progress

If you want to use weight strength training to gain strength and strengthen your muscles, you must do it in a gradual manner. Progress means constantly adjusting your exercise to ensure that your muscles are always challenged by the resistance and workload that you work with. This process is called progressive overload.

The idea is that you try to build muscle during the workout, which can cause muscle tissue damage, and rest muscles to heal and heal. When the muscle is being rebuilt, it will compensate by slightly more growth. After exercising, the muscles increase and increase after exercise, not during exercise. Then when the muscles are fully recovered and developed, you must ensure that the workload and/or resistance to the exercise is greater than the last, so that the muscles can continue to be in sufficient tension. This process should be repeated until you gain the strength and muscle size of your future.

All types of strength training operate under this principle of progressive overload. In weight training, progress is accomplished by making more representatives, routines or circuits, and/or increasing the difficulty of practice.

Use practice changes

Different changes in basic weight exercise are the best way to increase the difficulty, to constantly challenge your muscles to overload and to maintain the diversity of your workouts. Basic push-ups, push-ups and squats will help you build some basic strength. But if you want to get the most out of your workout, you need to delve into every practice and every change in practice to make sure you’re doing all kinds of training. Every basic exercise has a lot of change in progress, enough to make anyone stronger and more powerful.

So how do you know when to start using a more difficult movement to continue to challenge the muscle group? The trick is to ensure that you continue to challenge yourself and increase your representation. Once you can do a lot of exercise, you can make a harder workout. 10-15 represents a very good range, designed to build strength with the most weight of weight. If you can do much more than this, as more than 30 representative, this means that you have already become strong enough, now it is time to move to a more difficult to change once again challenge your muscles.

Once you can maintain this progressive pattern, eventually you can build up your own strength to perform super advanced and difficult exercises such as single arm push-ups, single-leg squats, single arm pull.

You see, the reason you don’t want to stick to a lot of delegates is to make sure that your training is always a challenge to growing muscles. For example, a 50-person push ups is high for endurance training. Gaining strength is not very good. The problem is that even if you fail, you don’t really hit the muscle fibers that have the greatest growth potential.

If you are a beginner, you can choose a simple exercise change to start and build advanced movements. You can do this by practicing the changes in your body position to reduce drag. As you get stronger, you can start practicing harder changes. For example, if you can’t do enough push-ups, start with tilting push-ups so you can lose weight and reduce drag, so you can be more representative.

5. Representatives and sets

Delegates and condoms are important elements of the strength training program. They are used to making exercise plans so that they can actually produce the desired results. Remember when we talked about giving the muscles enough to work so that the subsequent growth could be damaged? The representatives and structures in the exercise program play a major role in ensuring that muscles get enough intensity.

The representative (repetitive abbreviation) is a complete movement of any sport. The representative can be used for measuring strength level. If you can only be a low representative of exercise, that means you’re not very strong in exercise or resistance, and you need to build your representatives to strengthen your workout. One group is a series of exercises that are completed in sequence. For example, implementing 12 delegates means that you have completed a collection. Four completed 12 times means you’ve completed four sets. Usually, after each group is completed, a series of combinations rest.

Different weight exercise programs use different representatives and set the structure based on who and what the program is based on. However, if the main goal is to increase muscle strength training and build muscle mass, recommended guidelines is finding could lead to you in about 10 to 15 times the movement of fatigue, and three to four times every movement.

Build a weight strength training program

There’s an exercise program, and it’s important to follow strength training. The exercise routine is an action plan that tells you the number of days to exercise, the number of days to relax, and the time to exercise.

There are different types of exercise routines. There is a general practice involving training all muscle groups on the same day. There is also a split routine that involves training different muscle groups on different days of the week.

No matter what type of program you use, you should alternate your muscles and get plenty of time to recover. Remember, after training, they need time to recover and rebuild. Therefore, you should not train the same muscles continuously.

This is a whole body routine

Monday: exercise

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: exercise

Thursday: rest

Friday: exercise

Saturday: rest

Sunday: rest

This is an example of a partition routine

Monday – bust

Tuesdays – legs

Wednesday – rest

Thursday – back, arms and shoulders

Fridays – abs

Saturdays – rest

Sunday – rest

Sample weight exercise program

Bar Brothers System is one of my favorite weight training programs. This is a 12-week plan that guides you in every aspect of weight training to get results that include motivation. You will get more than 100 exercises and tutorials video and become part of the community of others who use the program.

Here is an example exercise from a pub buddy that you can build into a complete body or partition routine.

Nutrition recipe

Although this guide is about the weight of strength training, but without provide some skills about nutrition, can’t finish this guide, because there is no proper nutrition training will not produce the result of strong and muscular.

The most important thing about nutrition is determining your goals, and then building your calories and macronutrients to meet your goals. If your goal is to lose weight, you will need a calorie deficit, and if your goal is to build muscle, you will need a calorie surplus. If you want to learn how to count calories, reduce fat, and build muscle, click here to read our guide to this topic.

Once you figure out how many calories you need to build muscle or lose fat, then break the daily calories into three constant nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and fats). A good starting point for macros is 30 percent protein, 40 percent carbohydrates and 30 percent fat.

Other tips for weight strength training

Ensure full preheat and stretch – make sure you warm up properly before each workout. It’s important to keep your heart rate up and your muscles warm to prevent injury. Simple actions like jumping jacks, jogging or basic push-ups can be a great way to warm up. Also, make sure to stretch after completing your workout.

Practice in good form – to get results, you must use proper control and exercise properly to practice.

If you need to add additional weight – you may need to supplement your weight training and other types of weights sometimes. This may be especially necessary when you feel that your body is more stubborn or weaker than others. You can integrate any heavy object to help you gain the resistance needed to strengthen that part. It is not necessarily like dumbbells and barbell weight training equipment. You can use anything that is heavy enough to add weight, such as your home or even a person’s weight. It’s just creative because all that matters is resistance, not where the weight comes from.

Practice and learning-reading a guide like this and watching video will help give you tips and ideas, but you must find your weight training to achieve your goals. You must learn and improve with practice. If you want to avoid most of the learning curve, I recommend getting a pub buddy system.

Patience – weight training takes time to achieve good results, so it’s important to be patient and never give up. If you want to be motivated to help you stay consistent in weight training, watch Bar Brothers video.


The main drawback of using weight training to gain strength and muscle mass is that your body weight doesn’t have the muscle tension levels of heavy weights and dumbbells. And you have to use more creativity to make gradual overload happen. As a result, weight training may take you longer to gain maximum strength and muscle mass.

What’s the next step?

This article gives you the information you need to create your own basic weight strength training program. However, if you don’t want to waste time creating your own programs, you can choose to use whatever system you’ve completed for you. A program created by an expert will have some practice, routine, and protocol that will allow you to start training as a weight force for beginners and scale. So all you have to do is focus on the process that will help speed things up.

Here is our recommended weight plan


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