The best fitness equipment brand.


The best fitness equipment brand.

The quality, diversity and durability of fitness equipment are some of the benefits of buying and using high-quality machines. The manufacturers of the top fitness equipment brands have taken into account the various forms of exercise and human function when building and improving the equipment. Be familiar with the sports equipment of different brands and find out which products are best for your health and fitness goals.

Precor manufactures and distributes high-end business and home fitness equipment such as treadmills, bicycles, elliptical machines, mountain climbers and so on. Precor is part of the leading Sports equipment company Amer Sports, Wilson, Atomic and Suunto. Precor treadmills can withstand varying degrees of strength and are equipped with self-cooled motors. Bicycle seats, pedals, and handlebars can be designed to stay comfortable for longer periods of time. The elliptical trainer is durable and versatile, with a full-body workout handle, or a hands-free walk to increase calorie burn. The climbers aim to encourage proper posture and minimize joint effects. The equipment is distributed to more than 100 countries through authorized dealer network.

Keene p. Dimick created a sports bike in 1968 to improve his physical condition. His invention inspired entrepreneurs Ray Wilson and Augie Nieto to create Life Fitness, which aims to create sports equipment that can help several generations of athletes, trainers, and exerciser live healthier and more fulfilling lives. Currently, Life Fitness has more than 1,700 employees in 12 countries and regions and 186 distributors and distributors in more than 120 countries. The equipment includes cardio and strength training sections, such as stair climbers, treadmills, fitness carts and a variety of family and commercial weight training stations. Life Fitness equipment has an LCD entertainment system console, which can be used for interactive exercise, with functions such as calorie tracking and heart rate monitoring.

Star Trac is an international leader in cardiovascular, body and strength training and fitness equipment. The products include horizontal bike, weight training station and whole body elliptical trainer. Star Trac designs and manufactures its own equipment in an area of 100,000 square feet, with assembly lines, development laboratories, metal processing stations and welding workshops. The logistics center is adjacent to the manufacturing center, responsible for the transportation, reception, customer service and sales department of the company. The manufacture and transportation of two central location products can achieve quality control and continuous improvement.

Cypress international is a leading manufacturer of high-end sports equipment for consumers and businesses. Cybex products include strength and cardiovascular equipment designed to reflect natural movements of the body. Cybex provides three strength equipment, including more than 150 pieces, including modular, board mounted or weight training equipment. Cardiovascular devices include treadmills, bicycles, stepping machines and innovative ArcTrainer. The treadmill is made of intelligent suspension smart technology, which can reduce the vibration of the back and knees. The cycle has three types of motion – constant power for cycling control, bicycle mode to increase resistance to simulate outdoor cycling, and other power Settings to maintain the preset speed. The ArcTrainer stimulates the stable muscle group to minimize the impact of calorie burning on the joints. The company sells its products in 87 countries around the world, with direct sales teams in the UK and two production facilities, employing more than 600 people.


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