Skiing and snowboarding in Iceland.


Skiing and snowboarding in Iceland.

Do you consider skiing or snowboarding in Iceland? Well, take a look at the blindfold and find the real majesty and excitement on the slopes of Iceland.

We have seen this scene – a snowboard, swaying in the top of the world, turned his head, suddenly with great speed to a vertical wall of white, a huge dust spewed from below him.

Gliding effortlessly, skiers through rocks and trees, other riders, steep obstacles. His instinct drives him to push the limits of speed, ability and adventure through psychological barriers. The mountain is his, he is the mountain – on the edge of life, only the biggest natural challenge is enough.

At first glance, it can be believed that Iceland’s ski resorts and resorts lack the excitement of international peers. After all, Iceland is a fairly small country, with only a handful of ski resorts operating between November and may. But in fact, Iceland’s skiing and snowboarding culture is very active, and more and more, it has a reputation for carving and skiing in the wild.

After all, where can the snow fall, under the flowing green grace of the aurora? Where else can we ride from the top of the mountain to the Atlantic coast? The snow is no longer unique, and it is not surprising, given Iceland’s tourist boom, that the secret is finally coming out.

Over the past decade, snowsport organization, such as the IWG) (Iceland winter Olympic Games, the ISA (Iceland ski association) and blizzard skiing together, hold numerous games and activities, such as AK extreme section in akureyri, further enhance the reputation of the island as the center of extreme sports.

Free riders quickly landed on the city, just to experience the grandeur of the Icelandic wilderness. Marcus Caston, McKenna Peterson, Chad Sayers, Forrest Coots numerous professional drivers in order to quest for the perfect conditions, such as conquest like Skessuhorn “Iceland matt hongfeng”, and in the process to pick up some rough picture.

Ski or snowboarding?

For experienced scarifier, shredders, and mountain man, for the first time I met slope was there is an old proverb that “skiing is more easy to learn, but more difficult to master – snowboarding study harder, but much easier to master.” For starters, this is the first important question, and the answers they choose define the adventures of their future mountain.

In general, skiing is considered a popular and accessible path, and its basic principles can be mastered in a day or two. Skiers face forward, which means a full range of peripheral vision and a great degree of autonomy in moving their legs. It’s also fairly easy to balance, and the poles are both an offset and a boost.

On the other hand, new skiers must have a completely different approach to their equipment. In snowboarding, the foot is fixed on the board and completely restricts movement. To open the skis, skiers must learn the point of balance at the feet; Toes and heels.

They must also learn instinctively to navigate with their shoulders. Turning the shoulders will rotate the hips, thus turning the body and the plate. While it may seem obvious, it is worth noting that snowboarding requires the rider to turn around forever.

This body posture means that peripheral vision is dramatically reduced, and the rider’s predictability of the things coming forward is reduced. It all takes a lot of practice, and first of all, there are a lot of falls – if a skier shouts “but drag” on the road, don’t be surprised or hurt. Don’t be afraid, they are but once.

Whatever decisions people make, skiers and snowboarders can keep up with the basics of the sport, boost confidence, and offer advice on solving difficult technical challenges.

Many of the coaches here were born with a pair of skis (I’m sure it was painful) and knew the terrain and movement of their backs. They also understand that winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding bring some psychological barriers to novices. This is part of the natural learning process, and the tutor is suitable for every beginner. They can also offer excellent advice on rental equipment and nearby accommodation.

Equipment quick attention

Most major resorts in Iceland can buy handy equipment, such as skiing or snowboarding. That is to say, it is strongly recommended that you have a basic understanding of the toolkit that is used in the mountain area at least.

When we talk about winter sports here, the thermal layer is crucial. The wool or synthetic base worn under the wind and waterproof soft shell ski jacket should be sufficient. Also consider a backpack (30-40 litres), hot water bottle and lipstick (the conditions can be sharp!). Hats, gloves, sunglasses, and waterproof pants should go without saying.


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