Why is customer service a good training place for any employee?


Why is customer service a good training place for any employee?

If you see me in person, you will know immediately that I like to talk.

This may have been my interest in my current employer, Edgenet, nine years ago. The owners believe that my outgoing personality and ability to interact with others will make me fit for the customer service work of the newly established software company.

I have a degree in marketing and have never worked in the tech industry before. I know I don’t want to sit behind the desk all day with the computer, but I’m confident and I finally make a good choice. After nine years, I basically managed to avoid the things I was worried about, and along the way, I became an expert in my company’s software products, delivering their value to customers.

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For me, customer service has always been the gateway to a meaningful career in an industry where I never expected to work. I’m not alone. Our company has a policy of extracting internal promotion from the customer service department. Many of my colleagues have also started to work in customer service, but have gradually been promoted to interested departments and matched with personal interests such as product development, quality assurance, marketing and management.

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Looking back on my experience in customer service, I realized that this job was a great fit to provide new employees with knowledge and skills that would enable them to succeed in the company. That’s it.

You are forced to learn a lot in a very short time.

At Edgenet, we solved the problem on our own and made our staff a major contributor. So, from the very beginning, I was in the customer service group, facing all kinds of new situations, and I was busy helping users to solve problems.

I get calls from users who are often frustrated or pressured by their top management. They need someone to empathize and help them solve the problem immediately, because it can have a real impact on the bottom line of their business. My company is confident that I can get overgrown weeds and give users the support they need.

As I faced more of these situations, I became more and more aware of how to steer users toward solutions. It’s definitely stressful, but it’s also a great way to learn.

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2. You learn how to communicate with internal departments and communicate with customers.

When I first started working on Edgenet, I remember that all the technical terms and acronyms used were overwhelming. SQA, GDSN, GTIN – feel like my colleagues are speaking mandarin. Only later did I realize that I was not familiar with the advantages of customer service.

I see from the perspective of our clients that I am in touch with these concepts. More experienced employees may not be aware that they are using confusing terms because they have become insensitive to it. But when I become an expert on our products, I can act as a translator. I understand how to present and demonstrate the major benefits and features of our products in a meaningful way for new users. In the end, this enabled me to be flexible in helping me to play a different role in the company, whether as a sales engineer, a data engineer or a project manager.

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You find that you don’t know what you’re capable of.

I sometimes compare customer service to a farm team on a baseball field – our new staff has a lot of fresh talent and energy, but it may take some coaching to figure out how they shine. Because they have witnessed the user’s problems, customer service team members often have the most unique ideas about how to improve our products.

In my company, we believe that the longest person here doesn’t necessarily have the best idea. Once you understand what we’re doing, you define the limits of your career.

All my colleagues from now on have risen to the top of the company. Those who have moved are worth it in the market.

The most gratifying part of my work today is mentoring and mentoring new employees. I will sit down with anyone and discuss any problems they face, or set a future direction for their career. To help people find out what they’re good at, and how best to serve the company’s mission — I don’t know how to work better than that.


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