A smart water bottle can help you get your daily vitamin, caffeine fix or post-workout protein.


A smart water bottle can help you get your daily vitamin, caffeine fix or post-workout protein.

This “smart bottle” distributes a wide variety of nutritional products, including all natural energy drinks and tea.

How smart is a water bottle? LifeFuels intelligent nutrients bottle presented to the scholarship to harvard, I won’t do that, but it is a health enthusiasts innovative and useful gadgets – or anyone who want to improve their way of life.

In the United States, it provides 10 fuelpods (about 130 copies) for $200. Currently there are no such products in the UK and Australia, which have risen to around 135 or 280 Australian dollars, but LifeFuels is expected to enter these markets in the next few years.

From a distance, it looks like a typical 16-ounce bottle, and you can see people working out with a protein shake after using it at the gym. Right in front of me, I saw at the CES in Las Vegas that the top of the bottle could hold up to five small FuelPod packages.

Outside, there is a circular screen in the middle, and there are two buttons below. The button can select the FuelPod that you want to inject into the water. Once you have selected the sensor in the bottle, it will automatically allocate the correct amount of water in the bottle.

LifeFuels is expected to launch an app on the iPhone and Android in early 2016 that will also allow you to select the FuelPod you want to fill. Plus, it’s wireless. Well, I admit it’s a pretty smart water bottle.

Various FuelPods and LifeFuel are expected to release more in the future. They vary in size – a single pod can hold up to 25 portions, as little as a Keurig cup, and can be divided into three broad categories: enhanced water, vitamins and supplements. There are several options for each category, including many health options, such as daily multivitamin pods or pre-workout protein pods. Although prices vary, according to LifeFuels, their price is roughly the same as the cost of buying a regular bottle of vitamin.


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