Google has adopted the Echo Show of four new smart displays.


Google has adopted the Echo Show of four new smart displays.

Chris Turkstra, assistant director of Google, sat on a couch in a suite at the wanli hotel in Las Vegas on Sunday and began chatting with the steroid family’s old kitchen TV.

On his right desk is the lenovo smart display, or more or less a Google assistant smart speaker with a built-in touch screen. This product is made by SONY, samsung, JBL, LG and lenovo’s one of the four new intelligent display devices, such as Google and its partners in Las Vegas CES technology on Monday.

These devices can finish all the work by intelligent speakers, such as playing music and connect the lights of the operation, but also can use voice control for video calls, watching YouTube video and see the photos.

“Our idea is how people will interact with technology over time,” Turkstra says of the voice-activated device.

You’ve probably seen these smart display widgets before, because last may, amazon announced a similar concept on the Echo Show. As Google is showing a set of four additional intelligent display device to shut down, a large section of the high-tech industry, bet we have a lot of people hope to have a touch screen now stationed in our kitchen counter, and share with the whole family run our Internet intelligent household gadgets and check the calendar, the direction and local restaurants.

This is a technology vision that is different from the highly individualistic and immobile technology we are used to, and despite all the efforts of these companies, it is hard to say whether they will catch up.

But with the success of intelligent speaker, these companies will touch screen display as a voice to calculate the next logical process, allows customers to use voice control of small tools to do more shopping (maybe more).

Carly Okerfelt, senior product manager at lenovo group, said: “we worked with Google only through voice.

New smart displays are also important for GuGe’s business. Amazon is currently the leader in consumer voice devices, and amazon controls about 70 percent of the U.S. market, thanks to the Alexa control echo device. On Google home speaker is a distant second. As smart speakers play a central role in running our smart home appliances, Google needs to get more customers and quickly stop amazon from taking over new markets.

In order to catch up, Google has launched the Google family to compete with the amazon Echo speaker and followed up the smaller family mini, which is a similar Echo point. With the smart display, Google will now have a larger lineup of competing electronics.

No, it’s not a tablet.

Google tries to make sure that consumers don’t see smart displays as a tablet on a desktop, but rather as a brand new product category. Although these devices may have a similar appearance as a tablet, but they don’t have a web browser or 4 g LTE cellular connection, and need to be inserted at any time, so that the microphone can constantly listening to wake up the word “Hey Google” or “OK” Google.”

These devices by providing greater than tablets, better speakers to make up for the loss of function, improve the connection with many smart home devices, as well as a series of sound the microphone to pick up you from the room. Qualcomm vice President Seshu Madhavapeddy said his company worked with Google to create two new chips for the devices to improve these features.

Since these devices are not intended to be used up for a long time, Turkstra demonstrates the rapidly digested video and image of the lenovo smart display through a series of demonstrations. For example, after he told the device, “hey Google, good morning,” the smart display turned on the lights and went through the big picture cycle of weather, direction and everyday appointments. This information is personalized for each user, as GuGe smart assistants can recognize different sounds.

Google said on Monday that it used assistants to add new catalogs of all “actions” to help people find more information about GuGe assistant drivers. Amazon provides a similar directory in the Alexa mobile application.

Jbl-linkview early hero.

The JBL link view intelligence display.


According to Orkfelt, lenovo added a mute switch on its device that could cut off the power of the microphone and actually block the smart monitor’s camera through the switch. The device, which can be used for a $200 8-inch display or a $250 10-inch display, is expected to go on sale this summer.

Along with lenovo’s smart display, JBL has launched a Link View with an 8-inch display. The device will be available in the us summer, but the company does not provide price information.

Other details about SONY and LG devices are not available.

YouTube is the amazon’s dilemma.

In Google’s partnership with amazon, the release of smart displays is difficult. Although technology giants have worked together many times in the past, such as amazon’s integration of GuGe’s Nest device with Alexa, they are now in a public embarrassment.

Last month, Google said it would cut off the fire TV video ribbons and echo displays on YouTube, saying it was an unpleasanter amazon’s removal of its Chromecast device from Soon after, amazon brought Chromecast back to its online store, and Google said it was working on an agreement with amazon for “productive discussions”.

Gummi Hafsteinsson, assistant director of product management at Google, said that despite the timing, the tie-up between YouTube and amazon had nothing to do with the unveiling of the smart display, and was “a separate issue”.

But even if YouTube is likely to return to Echo Show sometime this year, amazon will face more competition in the coming months.


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