MOTOROLA’s new Mods lets you move your fingers.


MOTOROLA’s new Mods lets you move your fingers.

One Moto Mod can measure your heart rate and blood pressure, while the other is a sliding QWERTY keyboard.

At CES 2018, lenovo had two new MOTOROLA Moto Mods, both MOTOROLA Moto Mods attachments can module and Moto Z2 Force and Z2 Play such as MOTOROLA mobile phones for Z magnetic connection. One of the Mods, called lenovo Vital Moto Mod, is related to health, collecting biometric data. The other, the Livermorium slider keyboard motorcycle Mod, adds a physical five-line QWERTY keyboard.

But this isn’t the MOTOROLA Droid. Before you get too excited, know that it doesn’t have the same ergonomic keys that you’re used to — they’re neatly stacked (and clumsy) on a very wide keyboard base. And the impressive thin hinge mechanism has a satisfying moment, and we’re still talking about a defense department, which is almost three times as thick.

Here, it is connected to a mobile phone, and a different motor-defense department on the side compares the phone:

It also has sharp edges and a plastic feel, but we’re trying an unfinished prototype. Livermorium says it may provide future versions of features such as interlocking keys, an integrated 1700mAh battery or delicate design.

The Livermorium slipper keyboard costs $99 and will start selling in March, although the company’s founder says he will deliver to Indiegogo supporters in January. We don’t have international pricing and availability yet, but $99 translates into about 75 or 130 Australian dollars. While the accessories are almost three times the width of your Moto phone, some people might think it’s worth it for the ease of use.

Next, Vital Moto Mod will be available in the us in April, and will measure your heart rate, breathing rate and body temperature. It also measures your pulse blood oxygen saturation, how much oxygen is in your blood, and two common blood pressure readings.

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Lenovo’s important

Sarah Tew/CNET

The data collected from your fingers, it measure your systolic blood pressure (when the heart beats blood pressure of the arterial wall) to you and your diastolic blood pressure (when the heart during the break between the two heart, your blood pressure).

The department of defense itself is huge, not exactly a pocket thing, you can carry it in your pocket. In our short time, we can’t check and see how accurate Vital Moto Mod’s readings are. Even a much simpler reading like heart rate isn’t always accurate for fitness wearables and heart rate trackers. The defense department is also a very expensive mobile accessory, costing $395 (converted to about $290 or $505).

However, a compact device like this might be a valuable person for someone who might need it, or just want biometric data to be measured frequently. The Vital application that works with the Mod also organizes your data.


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