Nintendo Labo lets you build switch parts from cardboard.


Nintendo Labo lets you build switch parts from cardboard.

Nintendo is using Labo’s do-it-yourself method to create “toys and defects” for paper toys. Smart.

Once upon a time, nintendo was synonymous with unnecessary accessories: plastic tennis rackets, baseball bats and wheels, bringing more shapes to the company’s Wii controller. Now nintendo seems to be reappearing, but this time it doesn’t make any sense. This is a nintendo switch powered DIY cardboard creativity kit.

This is called the nintendo Labo, which not only looks interesting, but also has a education meaning.

At first sight, Nintendo Labo is a pair of Switch games, each with its own DIY cardboard construction tools – $70 “multiple kits” and $80 “robotic toolkits”. Incision pops up in the varieties of packaging, for example, you can make toys rods, remote control car can drive board, used to console the Joy – Con controller of motorcycle stent, even a small but fully functional 13 key piano.

On the other hand, robotics kits are expected to allow children to build a wearable exoskeleton so that they can use their bodies to control the robot in the game.

Unique, it sounds interesting, but if you take a moment to think about how these cardboard packages make these experiences, it’s also very attractive. Want to know that only one of nintendo’s Joy-Con controllers, paper pianos can play notes? Instead of finding the “HD Rumble” of the controller, it USES the correct joy-con infrared camera to read the inner workings of the keyboard and converts the notes into the Switch’s console component.

This is a clever use of one of the less used functions of the console, which lets people wonder what else nintendo’s Joy-Con controller can do. Fortunately, nintendo seems interested in showing us. In addition to providing a suite of experience, it also set up “nintendo lab activities” in some cities, help children with nintendo switches and Laplace “create new”.

Want to build a cardboard robot? Obviously you can. Just bring a Joy-Con back to the back of the cardboard doll and watch the controller dance.

Strange. But it’s kind of cool.

Both nintendo lab games were launched on April 20, but families in New York City and San Francisco can check half of the education games as early as possible. Nintendo hosted the New York City lab on February 2 solstice, and another event was held in San Francisco on 2 solstice on March 2. Parents of children aged 6 to 12 can sign up on the company’s website.

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