Red Sox blamed the use of the Apple Watch for stealing the yankees’ logo.


Red Sox blamed the use of the Apple Watch for stealing the yankees’ logo.

Boston is said to have used electronic equipment in the latest race, but it is not clear if any rules have been broken.

The Boston red sox were reported to have stolen the logo from the New York yankees with the help of the apple watch.

Toronto blue jays against the Boston red sox.

The Boston red sox were accused of using the apple watch to steal the logo.

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According to the New York times, the yankees filed a complaint with major league baseball, claiming the red sox used smartwatches to steal the game’s logo in a four-game series in Boston last month. The yankees provided a video, showing the red sox staff looking at his apple watch and passing it on to the player, possibly throwing a ball.

The team confirmed the yankees’ situation by using the alliance’s own video for instant playback and broadcasting, the report said. However, it is not clear if any rules have been broken. MLB began allowing the use of the apple watch in 2015.

The MLB commissioner, Rob Manfred, said Tuesday that while there are no rules prohibiting the theft of signs, it is illegal to use electronic means, and the allegations are under investigation.

“This is an electronic device that causes violations,” he said. “I think the rules of electronic equipment has some of the policy reasons behind, but one of the reasons is that we don’t hope that through induction or the introduction of technology or electronic equipment to try to figure out what the pitcher will be thrown that mix. ”

The red sox admitted that the trainer’s message to players using electronic devices has been in place for several weeks. Boston won two of the yankees’ three games and a slight lead in the U.S. east division.

The red sox responded to the yankees’ complaints Tuesday, saying the team used cameras in the television network to steal signs during the game.

Dave Dombrowski, President of the red sox, declined to comment specifically on electronic devices Tuesday, but he told reporters that for decades the signs of stealing had been part of baseball.

“Do I think it’s wrong to steal the logo? No, I don’t. I think it depends on how you do it, but no, I never thought it was wrong, and I think everyone in the game has been involved in these years, “he said. “People are trying to win, that’s the advantage they’re trying to get, and sometimes the complexity of your logo can be something.

It was first announced at 3:17 p.m. September 5.

Update: 6:58 a.m. on 6 September: add comments to red sox officials and MLB commissioners.

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