Tim cook: people didn’t pay attention to the iPhone battery update.


Tim cook: people didn’t pay attention to the iPhone battery update.

In an interview with ABC news, apple’s chief executive acknowledged that the company could tell them more clearly what they were doing for their phones.

Apple has found that it has quietly slowed down the battery power of the old iPhone to protect it from excessive degradation.

Cupertino then apologized and made a $29 battery replacement plan.

On Wednesday, however, Tim Cook seemed to have some st st when asked if apple had failed to tell the customer exactly what had happened.

In an interview with ABC news’, chief executive of apple, began to answer the question, rather than through an apology, but said: “when we put the software update, we did say the problem, but I didn’t want to too many people are paying attention. ”

Some might say this is a pretty important point.

When you download software updates on your iPhone, do you know what you actually do? You might see a few words, I don’t know, stability or what. But in essence, you believe apple protects your phone and keeps it going.

Should apple be more explicit about what it is doing?

Not technically correct.

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Mr. Cook acknowledged that the company did not show perfect communication skills, not those that might be considered important and haven’t been discovered for a year.

“Maybe we should know better,” he said.


Some have left the impression that apple is subtly pushing customers to upgrade their phones to faster models.

Cook added: “we apologise to anyone who thinks we have other motives.

The problem is that even if apple moves quickly, some replacement batteries may run out. It is reported that the iPhone 6 Plus battery will not be available until march.

Cook suggested that developer beta will give customers more information and options about their phones next month. Users will be able to see if that happens. But, cook added, “if you don’t want it, you can turn it off.”

He said he wouldn’t recommend it because the phone might suddenly restart.

Apple announced on Wednesday that it would invest $30 billion in the United States, adding 20,000 jobs, but I don’t think the battery market will have much impact on apple’s brand.

I worry that consumers are losing faith in tech companies, in addition to what suits tech companies. They have accepted it as a reality.

The problem for apple is that it has always positioned itself to be more caring and people-oriented than its more obvious nerd competitors.

Cook’s slightly tortured answer shows that he knows this very well.

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Well, if you think apple might make the iPhone cheaper and make customers feel better, cook doesn’t encourage the idea.

He said that while the tax bill’s businesses would lead to greater investment, he felt the price of the iPhone was reasonable.


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