Use a single command to use Alexa routines to control your smart home.


Use a single command to use Alexa routines to control your smart home.

Amazon recently introduced Alexa’s routine, which allows you to perform multiple operations using a single command. Here’s how to set it up.

One of the biggest inconveniences of the smart speaker to date is having to name multiple commands to perform simple tasks. For example, change the color of the smart bulb, lock the door and adjust the temperature of the thermostat, using three separate commands. Now you can do this with a routine using your Alexa speaker.

The Alexa routine is not like the scenario you created using philips Hue lights or predetermined scenarios, you can run with applications like Yonomi. But now, you can play news and weather updates and control the entire smart home with a command. Here’s how to set it up.

Create your first routine:

Open Alexa applications on Android or iOS.

Click the hamburger button in the top left corner.

Select Settings.

Scroll down to the account and click the routine.

Click the plus sign in the upper right corner.

Click when this happens and choose when you say or at the scheduled time.

If you choose to say something, enter a phrase such as “good morning” or “movie time”.

If you choose to set the time, set the time and select the date that should be repeated.

Click finish to continue.

Next, click add.

For operations, you can choose between “news”, “traffic” and “weather”, which will play a role in your Flash presentation. However, you can also choose smart home operations. These operations include opening the scene or controlling a single device, such as turning on or off smart lights or locking smart locks.

Click add to complete the add action and repeat until all actions are added to the routine.

Finally, the selection routine will play the audio from which speaker. If you are using a predetermined routines, you must choose a speaker, but if you are based on a phrase created a routine, you can specify that you want it from what you said any speakers play audio.

To complete the setup routine, click create.

After creating the routine, you can edit it by returning to the set > routine in the Alexa application and clicking the routine. You can delete or rearrange operations, add new operations, change the time or date of the routine run, and change the phrase. You can temporarily disable this routine by clicking on the toggle button that has been enabled. If you click the three points in the upper right corner, you can either manually play the routine or permanently delete it.

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Unfortunately, there is a conventional warning: they are limited to smart home control and news, weather and traffic updates. This means you can’t have a routine that you say “Alexa, story time”, and dim the lights, listen to an audio book or a podcast you like. You can’t have a routine music or start a skill.

However, this should reduce the total number you send commands to Alexa, to achieve the effect you want, if there are no other words, this is a great leap in the right direction on and a huge victory for all Alexa users.


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