Best fitness trend in 2018: a return to basics.


Best fitness trend in 2018: a return to basics.

Enough activity tracking and fitness apps. If you’re tired of technology and solos, and are ready to simplify your day job – or even join a group practice session, you’ll be a good company this year.

For fitness professionals in the latest annual survey, in 2018, we will find more and more people began to abandon small tools, back to the basic way of working: more resistance training, yoga and rope skipping; Less earplugs and iWatches.

In a recent survey, the American college of sports medicine and the world more than 4000 fitness professionals, asking them to not only focus on marketing, but also identify the movement trend from the fashion trend.

One of the most important findings is that many of us prefer fast fitness programs, perhaps because we are busier than ever. For the second year in a row, the results showed that high-intensity interval training was the first choice for healthy trends, said Dr. Walter r. Thompson, a research physiologist at Georgia state university and President of ACSM.

How will you solve the problem if you cross your hip joint?

Shooting – health news.

How will you solve the problem if you cross your hip joint?

Normally, the high strength of the program is very simple, Thompson explains, involving high intensity exercise for a short period of time, such as sprinting or jumping rope, then rest for a short period of time or recovery, can be less than 30 minutes from start to finish.

The rope of vernal equinox involves jumping rope.

Provided by the Equinox

The body’s response to this is more effective, he says, so it deforms us more quickly than moderate intensity. According to Sallis, studies show that a 5-10-minute high intensity exercise can achieve a 45-minute moderate exercise effect.

If you’re not a 25-year-old athlete, you can still benefit from increased intensity, Sallis says. Just check with your doctor first, and then you can get guidance on how to adapt your program to your own health and limitations.

Does 1 minute interval training work? We asked the guy who had tested it.

Shooting – health news.

Does 1 minute interval training work? We asked the guy who had tested it.

Sally said: “as the growth of the age, our muscles are less resilient and flexible, we may not be able to tolerate these vigorous exercise, so gradually into the exercise is very important – perhaps once a week, maybe three a week.”

For example, he says, if you’re used to jogging at a moderate pace, you can try to push up the speed after one or two speeds and then return to normal speed. Do it every five minutes or so during the jog.

Back to the basics of routine popularity.

Our second fitness trend in 2018 May surprise you: group practice sessions with minimal equipment.

According to the new survey, Thompson said fewer people will block their earplugs and create new electronic fitness equipment.

“Business clubs are getting rid of shiny new tricks and moving into more basic sports.” This means simpler things like weight training, lunges, push-ups and planks.

Amy Dixon, director of Fitness programs at Equinox Fitness Clubs, a global Fitness network, says that if equipped, it is likely to be the smallest, such as weight, body bar, kettlebells or skipping rope.

Dickson and his colleagues have come up with a new high-intensity interval training class centered on old rope skipping.

“Obviously, we’ve been parachuting since we were kids,” she said. “But we added style.” And weight. Her classes include two jumping rope – a light agile rope and a weighted line called “rage.”

She said: “this is a big boy, you must work hard, you change the handle knob to turn the rope, it can improve your vertical leap, when you do this, you can increase the intensity of work, maintain high strength”.

During the class, participants rotated between jumps, aerobic exercises and martial arts inspired kicks. The training lasts 30 minutes.

Exercise together, exercise alone.

Skipping classes also provide personal exercises that are often not – contact with others, motivation and professional supervision.

“In our club, those who exercised in the group class were the most consistent,” Dixon said.

Thompson said, studies have shown that this kind of “contact” with others, to achieve the fitness of the common objective, can play an important role in our daily work – this is perhaps the reason of personal training is not very popular this year, and the collective training has ended.

According to the survey, “wearable technology” as a fitness auxiliary tools – including activity tracker, smart watches, heart rate monitor and GPS tracking devices – of course have not disappeared, Thompson said, they are only in popularity.

At first, Thompson said, “everyone wants to talk about wearable technology because it accurately calculates your pace and heart rate. But it turns out that’s the case.

The year after year, he says, fitness is a different type of yoga.

He says: “yoga instructors constantly reinvent themselves and create new forms of yoga so that every time you walk into the gym, you don’t become bored.”


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