Mr Trump’s management will protect health workers who refuse to serve religious sites.


Mr Trump’s management will protect health workers who refuse to serve religious sites.

Health care workers who want to refuse treatment because of religious or moral beliefs will have a new defender in the trump administration.

Right of health and human services (HHS), senior officials are to set up the department of conscience and religious freedom, in order to protect the refused to attend the abortion surgery such as doctors, nurses and other medical personnel, or because of moral or religious reasons and refused to take part in the treatment of some objections.

“Never forget that religious freedom is the primary freedom, a civil right worthy of execution and respect,” said Roger Severino, director of the HHS civil rights office, in announcing the new department’s ceremony.

The department has reversed the Obama policy, banning health care workers from refusing to treat transgender people or those who have or are seeking an abortion.

Mr Obama’s rule was challenged in a court in the state of Texas’s Franciscan union, where judges were held in court in 2016 to thwart law enforcement.

The new division appears to be aimed primarily at preventing health care workers from participating in abortion services that violate their religious beliefs. The division cited federal regulations in 2011 to guide the implementation of more than 30 miscarriages of conscience protection.

The American civil liberties union, deputy director of law Louise merlin (Louise Melling), said the conscience objection may be expanded, to allow for the health workers refused to gay, transgender people provide some service.

“This administration has a very broad view of religious freedom,” she said in an interview. “It understands the principles of religious freedom and the overthrow of anti-discrimination.”

HHS makes clear that it does not allow gender discrimination, which is prohibited by federal law. According to Melling, the question is whether the government includes gender identity and sexual orientation in gender definitions.

She said, there are a number of health workers refuse to take care of religion, including a nurse is not willing to provide nursing after the operation for abortion women, a pediatrician because parents are lesbians and refused to see children and a fertility doctor don’t want to provide service for lesbians.

Acting HHS secretary Eric Hagen said Thursday that this is the point.

“For a long time, too many of these health care workers have been bullied and discriminated against because of their religious beliefs and moral convictions,” he said.

The government, he said, “has imprisoned the men and women of religious hospitals and staff, and forced them to provide and transfer services that violate conscience”.

The new department will not have to wait to work. In the Winnebago county health bureau in Illinois, a pediatric nurse HHS proposed the appeal on Tuesday, because she is against her employer asked her training, in order to make the abortion service provider referral, or to help women’s access to abortion drugs, according to the Rockford register star.

This is not the first time that the trump administration’s civil rights office has begun to protect people’s moral or religious objections to certain medical care. In October, the agency allowed employers to refuse to pay family planning fees.

R – Okla senator James frank ford (James Lankford) said in a statement: “the care providers should be able to live in their religious beliefs, without fear of discrimination in the workplace.

Rankford has long advocated such safeguards and has launched a law called the “act of conscience” to codify rules.


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