At these gyms, no one CARES how you look at yoga pants?


At these gyms, no one CARES how you look at yoga pants?

If you want to lift weights or use a treadmill at Downsize Fitness, you must be at least 50 pounds overweight.

Kendall schlantz is a fan and a member.

Since the second grade, the 24-year-old has struggled with her weight. She looks very uncomfortable in other gymnasiums.

But now she’s driving more than an hour a week to fort worth to exercise.

“Every penny I pay is worth it,” she said. “It’s worth the time I spend on the road, miles.”

The smaller version opened in Chicago and has offices in fort worth and Dallas. The gym says it removes the potential for self-awareness and alienation from other fitness centers. Practice and equipment are tailored to the larger body.

This is one of many companies and organizations that do marketing exercises for overweight or obese people. According to the centers for disease control and prevention, this is not a bad business strategy, given that 69% of American adults are fit for this category.

Planetary fitness chains claim to “judge free zones”. In Omaha, Nebraska, Square One promises you won’t find “size 2 on a sports bra” on a treadmill. The gym, created by Marty Wolff, competes on NBC’s “biggest loser” and says it is “the size of the person”. Many ymca facilities feature pictures of actual members’ faces and bodies, not supermodels or bodybuilders.

Schlantz used to be a chronic exerciser. She’ll sign up, go once, never come back. She looks very uncomfortable in other gymnasiums.

“My idea is why when I came down from the couch and looked at me, I came down from my bed, and I was doing something? “Schenz said in an interview at the gym. But, she said, “it’s hard.”

As she said, she began to tear. Other gym members comforted her. When they cried, they held her.

Here, the members sweat together – weeping together.

Kishan Shah, the chief executive of Downsize, has hundreds of members in the United States, who weigh between 200 and 700 pounds. Shah used to weigh 400 pounds and a 62 inch waist. Today, he’s only half the weight, and he always finds time to do yoga or aerobics between business meetings.

Fitness isn’t just about appearance, says Shah.

If you ask the person why they want to be healthier, it’s not physical. It’s about being able to stand up, be able to keep up with your kids, fit for airplane seats, and really be your grandchild.

Rocky mountain sand

“If you ask what does that man want to be healthier, so it is not the appearance,” Shah said, “this is about to take off from the ground, to keep up with your children, to adapt to the airplane seats, can beside your grandchildren. “

Therefore, the trainer is not aimed at the six-pack abs, but emphasizes the functional fitness of the small class.

Most trainers at Downsize were once considered obese. “It’s their passion, not their job,” shah said.

In fact, it’s all about making the gym more of a place for overweight people and even devices.

Stationary bikes, elliptical machines and treadmills are designed for larger, heavier people. There are thicker buffers and wider seats. Without a mirror, the window was colored and passersby could not see it. The wall has pictures of clients before and after.

“Oh, we can hide, and we lose weight until we become more socially acceptable. It doesn’t appeal to me.

Golda Poretsky

According to Austin Baldwin, an assistant professor at the southern methodist university in Dallas, it may be a good thing for those who worry about what others think of their appearance. But that doesn’t apply to everyone.

In a 2012 study, Baldwin said: “those with high levels of physical anxiety were more likely to be overweight and obese. “People with low levels of physical anxiety actually prefer to do the opposite, preferring to surround themselves with healthier people.”

The idea of being surrounded by other big fitness clubs doesn’t bother New York’s holistic health coach, Golda Poretsky. But, she says, she won’t go to a gym called “shrinking the gym.”

The total loss at any gym has cost 5,000 pounds, and small gyms across the country are selling a familiar message: fat isn’t good, says polecki.

I like running.

Kendall schlentz.

“The problem is that this is a good place to do because obesity is such a stigma in our society, and all these weight loss pressures,” he said. “This is especially true for me.” Oh, we can hide when we lose weight, until we become more social. “It doesn’t appeal to me. ”

But Poretsky does like the idea of a strong support community, which has been called narrowing. Trainers often keep in touch with members outside the gym, via text messages and Facebook posts.

Kendall Schrantz said she had seen the results – a few inches from her waist. She found a new passion. “I like running.”

Ultimately, this is the goal of these gyms – to make your body healthy, not degenerate.


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