A bluff audience.


A bluff audience.

At 1:16 PM on 23 April 2016.

Hear the wait… Don’t tell me!

Our team members tell three stories of a popular new exercise, only one of which is true.

BILL KURTIS: we know that you like to listen to our program and lie quietly in a dark room so that you don’t get distracted by a word. But here are some tips on how to exercise.

(archive broadcast sound)

BROOKS MOSTUE: hi, BROOKS MOSTUE from Lincoln, Massachusetts.


Hi, Brooks. How are you?

MOSTUE: I’m great.

Sager: I’m glad. I heard your Boston accent, and I really admired the Boston accent, and I wanted to emulate it.

MOSTUE: okay, thanks.

SAGAL: it’s nice to have you on the show, Brooks. Now you have to play a game, you have to tell the truth from fiction. What’s the subject of bill Brooks?

KURTIS: let me see your body.


SAGAL: so we all come here with these gimmicks — your Zumba, your SoulCycle, your FedExercise (ph), you just have to take someone else’s package.


SAGAL: this week, though, we’ve read a hot new exercise that will definitely take shape. Our team members will tell you. Guess what, you’ll win our prize – Carl cassell’s voice in your voice mail. Are you ready?

MOSTUE: yes.

SAGAL: first, let’s listen to Mr. Tom Bodett.

TOM BODETT: after years of thoughtful guidance and clean floors, Melanie Kahn and Bo Ford built their yoga studio business. But there’s a problem they’ve never been able to crack – get more men into the studio and on the mat. “We see three men every ten women, two of whom have just come to see a woman,” said ford. “Some people are talked to by their wives and girlfriends, and once, they never come back.” What’s the point of one of these people complaining that no one has won the game?


BODETT: say hello to boga and offer competitive yoga to men who don’t do yoga. Don’t get confused with broga. Broga does yoga for troubled people.


BODETT: unlike yoga on a sticky mat, boga yoga is done on a wet mat that has been erased before each workout. Contestants must hold a standard yoga pose, such as a downward dog and tree, and not fall until the whistle blows. There are three rounds, the last one is the last one, one foot close. The extra points may be granted endurance, which sounds like the crack of the buffalo and the deepest plumber.


BODETT: the winner gets a boga beer glass full of ibuprofen.


“Three weeks, the class is full,” Ms. BODETT said. “Men are idiots.”


Sager: a yoga studio has figured out how to get men to teach by making it competitive. The story of your next new fitness craze comes from Mr. Adam ferber.

ADAM FELBER: do you know the feeling – you just in the “World of Warcraft” (World of Warcraft) sign your dwarven hunter, level 72 in the dungeons and dragons group meeting once a week of “Star Wars” to exercise, but those muscles (ph), in the gym cursed athletes like kryptonite, won’t let you get to the real form. Well, now it helps. Nerdstrong, a new gym in north Hollywood, calif., makes the freaks smooth. For example, you can exercise the eyes of sauron, where you must constantly squatting down with the rough eyes of the dark Lord and using heavy hammers to simulate the trudge of frodo and Sam.


FELBER: so, whether you want to end up in the Harley Quinn outfit with comic-con, or just want to lower your weight to the level of intelligence.


Ferber:… For those who dared, ndesand waited.


SAGAL: Nerdstrong, an exercise program designed for nerds. One of your last bold ideas is from Amy dickinson.

AMY DICKINSON: the kindergarten teacher, Avala Shickle, designed “you’re not my boss,” a kindergarten exercise after watching two to four year olds play in the break room. “I noticed how incredibly young children worked when they were playing. They run, jump, crawl, pull themselves, they are very flexible. “I wonder if adults can do that,” she said. During the game, the sickle filmed her students and came up with full-size training to simulate what the kids did. The athlete moves quickly through a track, crosses the monkey challenge, climbs the slide, pushes a group on the merry-go-round, then jumps on himself. They walked for 10 minutes on foot, then rode for 10 minutes.


Dickinson:… In “ducks, ducks, geese”, participants sit cross-legged, then quickly stand up without a steady hand. The tug of war imitates a toddler’s path, while others pull the other way.


DICKINSON: athletes can only moisturize with a cup, and then they can ask.

SAGAL: ok.


Sager: so, let’s say, Brooks, you need to shape, you’re tired of the old ways; You want something new. So, here are three choices. One from Tom Boyd (Tom Bodett), another from Adam markus ferber (Nerdstrong) of man sports yoga, exercise, designed for your geek or Amy Dickinson (Amy Dickinson), you’re not the boss of the nursery exercise when you are small and not sweat, would like you to sweat. Which is the real new exercise you can really do now?

MOSTUE: wow, they all make sense. But I thought, as a man, I would go with Tom bodet.

SAGAL: really?


Sager: will you choose Tom’s sports school to provide competitive yoga for men? So, we’re actually talking to people who actually create this new exercise craze.

ANDREW DEUTSCH: Sauron’s training eye imitates frodo and has to fall to the ground.


SAGAL: that’s Andrew Deutsch. He was the owner of the Nerdstrong gym in Los Angeles,

MOSTUE: oh boy…

SAGAL: the creator of sauron’s eyes described by Adam.

Dickinson: no.

Sager: yes, you didn’t win our prize. But you did help Tom win a point, which might lead to a new sports fever. Thank you very much, Brooks.

MOSTUE: thank you.

SAGAL: bye.

BODETT: take care, Brooks.

(music sound)


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