A rich and eco-conscious way of life.


A rich and eco-conscious way of life.

With the advent of earth day, everyone should renew their commitment to help the environment by sitting next to their carbon fiber boards and television sets. If the idea sounds ridiculous, you may never notice that you can constantly see public service announcements on various network (including many NBC channel – the parent company of GE company through our commitment to brave green world). And you definitely didn’t notice the outside edge of the cable spectrum.

From the people who brought you the discovery channel, “green planet” can be seen in about half of all TV homes in America. Even if you don’t know, it’s likely to be hidden in three Numbers of your program guide.

Now, if you want me to be a bit cynical about a cable TV channel, that’s a 24 hour day with tips on green life – then you’re absolutely right. That’s not to say I didn’t give the channel a fair shake. I’m not a knee-jerk anti-green reactionary (though I prefer the word “conservative” for many reasons). And, in order to more environmentally friendly, once I put my family video to load a lot of hours of Planet Green programs, it threatened to remove invisible 30 Rock episode – this is my wife thinks so rebellious act, if it happens, I might go home to find the clothes on his porch.

A good example of this is that this channel is a convenient portal for the environment movement. About 75 percent of the programs fall into two categories – celebrity programs and “oh! Look at my gorgeous house! In both cases, the unwritten subtext is that environmentalism is almost a luxury.

And worst of all, it is rarely acknowledged. In a plot to fix the country – we learn from it “our country has a challenge: how can we renovate our homes in a way that is synchronized with the earth?” – the affable hosts visited the eco-friendly home of the actors David Alan Basche and Alysia Reiner. He’s a skilled TV actress who played Todd Beamer in ’93, and she’s probably known for a small role in Sideways. They live in a 3, 000-square-foot brownstone in Manhattan, which could be Versailles, given the cost of New York property.

To the host provides a cup of coffee after a fair deal, they explain how they install environmental radiate on the floor, but there is one problem: they want a hardwood floor, but they can’t find a lot of lumber can tolerate the heat of the floor without damage.

Reiner explained: “I found this bamboo flooring, $176 per square foot, and these are all six feet long, which is fantastic – it’s a real bargain. The host nearly spat out his fair trade coffee. “You can’t convince anyone to afford it,” he said.

Watching the “innovation country”, “home of the world’s greenest” and Ed Begley reality show (he works in various celebrity homes near) such as countless hours, this is the only time I see someone mentioned all the solar panels, grey water recycling water pump, a custom recovery barn wood cabinet, etc., it’s really expensive. From the point of view of design and engineering, these are very interesting, and what you read in “popular science” is also amazing. In the real world, green planet’s “reinventing skills” are hard to achieve. This could take years or decades. In this sense, the term “luxury car liberalism” has lost its practical value. The wind turbine is more like it.

One episode of Greenovate – yes, there are two different eco-reprogramming programs on the channel – drive this. Los Angeles house flippers try to refurbish a century-old Victorian era. Her budget is only $40,000 (which will cover less than 250 square feet of barsher and reina’s bamboo flooring). She remains convinced that selling the refurbishment as a “green” home will give her more money for resale. But it takes a lot of work, which means some tough choices. For example, a plywood without formaldehyde is an extra $30 paper, or $2,600 for her budget.

The house is designed to fit into a custom-made cabinet, but the unexpected cost overruns (such as her eco-friendly plywood) are not placed in prefabricated fiberboard cabinets. Now, if you’re a house flip, would you think it would add more value to the house: customize the closet or know that the hidden plywood in the house is chemical-free? Maybe La La Land – there are some strange segments like plywood, but we never found the true value of the green house, because the researchers decided to move her family at home rather than sell them to the home.

The green planet provides a brief glimpse of the psychological motivations behind the rich and environmentally conscious, and these motives are terrible. In “home of the world’s most environmental protection” episode, a woman explained that she lives in a wooden geodesic dome, basically do not have chemical part of the reason is because of her first husband and son “poison” and died of cancer. There are no specific dangerous chemicals, they are exposed to or anything, just, you know, “toxins”.

Then there is a life with Ed, a reality show of Ed begley, where respected actors and eco-pioneers visit the home of actress Beverly DE Angelo. Begley patiently sat in a room of the white, and D ‘Angelo calmly explained that her house is not enough “peaceful” noise pollution from the nearby streets like “toxins” bad – like background traffic noise cause 13000 deaths each year is an established fact.

Tom Bergeron, the host of “dancing with the stars”, also published his own show on his channel, inviting celebrities to his home to discuss the impact of environmentalist activism on their lives. Survivors host Jeff to booth on the street (Jeff Probst) explains his ambivalence, on a table full of multimillionaires, talked about’s decision not to grant security DVD to emmy voters: on the one hand, his production company is environmental protection. On the other hand, it could be an emmy nomination. Oh, pain, sacrifice…

The information presented is often suspicious, and it is more difficult to forgive the general level of self-righteousness. One of the few shows that can get close to entertainment is “going green”, hosted by former MTV personality host Tom green. Now that green is a few years older, he no longer puts the deer on his parents’ bed. He is a surprisingly amiable host. Unfortunately, his game show is based on environmental trivia, and as far as I know, it’s on site. Try the size of the problem:

Which is the greenest way to rent a DVD?

A. via email

B. Go to video.

According to the program, the answer is a. I happen to live in video stores within walking distance, so I’m not sure I will be all the DVD by mail to make the world more green – and, of course, unless the idea is, when there is A suitable mail-order option support any may cause others to drive the business entity will be limited. Even for those who drive to blockbuster, there is no definitive answer to the question: Slate has studied the problem and concluded that email leasing is “probably” greener.

In the channel have some of the redemption program – ABC News Bob Woodruff (Bob Woodruff) hosted a environmental News program, this program is informative for commercial interests and alarming. It even helped to highlight gov. palin’s environmental record. Bill Nye’s “Science Guy” is famous for offering a heuristic, if it’s a reflective education program, that’s his deal. In general, the more channels of science and news, the better.

However, even if Planet Green has low standards, these performances tend to have the entertainment value of watching dry soya, smokeless, organic compound coatings. I didn’t even mention the channel seems to be broadcast three hours every day new chef cooking show Emeril Green, although has some feint in “buy local food”, but with no difference food most of the content on the network.

Most of the time, you open the “green planet”, you will get the impression that the channel is not inform people, instead of encouraging them to join a club, the club’s rules are dogmatic, and the cost of this club is very high.

All this is too bad, because on earth day that day, the black heart, even I can also forget fake holidays is by a man who murdered his girlfriend’s dream, and sends the body into the suitcase – at least enough reflection we can do less waste. In the coming year, I suggest that we save energy and continue to avoid the “green planet”.


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