London sexual health clinic “oversubscribed”


Scottish child care progress is commended.

The Scottish government made progress on child health last year.

But the Royal Academy of child and child health (RCPCH) says urgent action is still needed to improve the child death review system.

RCPCH released a series of recommendations 12 months ago to improve the health of British children.

It says in the country’s progress scorecard that Scotland and wales do better than England.

In particular, RCPCH points out Scotland’s policies aimed at reducing child poverty and improving the number of healthy visitors.

Children in England “deserve better” from health care

It cites the poverty reduction targets set by Scotland through the child poverty act as an example of progress.

On the south side of the border, the warning is that deepening public health cuts has disproportionately affected children’s services.


The health of children in Britain remains the worst in Western Europe, and the authors say policy commitments must be delivered.

Professor Neena Modi, chairman of RCPCH, said: “the existence of science has allowed everyone to see – invest in the health of children and have a huge impact on their future lives and their economic productivity.

“This is a long-term vision for the well-being and prosperity of the country, but the focus is still short-term and ineffective.”

Dr Steve Turner, an official with RCPCH in Scotland, welcomed the findings but said more needs to be done to meet the needs of children and young people.

“The child health and welfare agenda in Scotland is moving forward and encouraging,” he said.

“Given our children’s health” “report a year on, the only commitment to children’s health has made so much, this is encouraging, now is the key to ensure these promises are effective implementation.

Preventable deaths.

Dr Turner added: “in particular, a commitment to establish a system to ensure the deaths of children got the proper review – in need of urgent implementation, each year about 450 infants, children and youth in Scotland died, many of these deaths can be prevented.

“Scotland is currently one of the worst health outcomes for European children, and there are clearly many things to do, especially to ensure that health systems meet the needs of children and young people.

“Child health training for gp funding no progress, we are very disappointed, we know that this will improve the level of decision-making, may relieve the pressure of the whole medical service, and general practitioners will support, now we only need financial support from the government.

“Another recommendation for urgent attention is to provide each child with a long-term condition with a designated doctor or health professional.

“This simple measure will ensure continuous care for children with long-term illness and a health professional who is in charge of coordinating treatment to take the necessary action as soon as possible.”


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