Buick, lexus has taken a different approach to attracting younger buyers.


Buick, lexus has taken a different approach to attracting younger buyers.

America is ageing and the average car buyer is ageing. Older people, after all, have more money. But carmakers cannot make buyers too old. The best way is to maintain the buyer base while attracting new buyers to maintain or reduce the average buyer’s age.

Stephanie Brinley, senior analyst at IHS automotive, said: “if you just stick with the old buyer base, eventually they will buy the last car. “If you have nothing to do with the generation behind it, you will see a drop in sales.”

Buick and lexus are known to attract older buyers. According to a study by IHS automotive, buick ranked second behind the oldest median buyer in the Lincoln industry, while lexus was fifth. However, both brands are trying to attract younger buyers.

According to the buick company, according to data from the brand over the past five years the average buyer of age from 60 to 59, and brand loyalty (buy back another buick car buyers) has increased from 21% to 21%. That is certainly progress, says IHS, but buick’s average age is nearly eight years older than the industry average, approaching 52.

Buick’s main problem is the brand’s reputation. “We know people think buick is a brand for the elderly,” says Molly Peck, buick’s marketing director. “So we communication is to admit it, and said: ‘we know your opinion about us, we can use it, but let me tell you what we really established, we built a beautiful car and cross team, modern, contemporary, young and awards”.”

The brand’s communication efforts include a series of TV commercials, with the actors screaming, “that’s not a buick!” I can’t believe that the fashion vehicle they came across was actually a buick. The purpose of another print AD is to redefine the meaning of a buick buyer’s blue hair. Advertised as “yes, blue hair is still driving the buick”, a 20-something girl behind the wheel of a buick with blue hair, instead of a eighty – year – old man.

Does lexus have a midlife crisis?

“Buick has a good AD saying, hey, look, we’re a little different,” said brinley.

Although advertising can help, it must be supported by products to attract young buyers. Adding new models and weeding out old models helped buick reduce the average buyer’s age. Lucerne, an old car, has been abandoned. At the same time, buick added two small cars. The compact car, Verano, is attracting buyers with an average age of 59, while Encore is a small crossover, with an average age of 58. The Enclave of full-size crossover is also helping. Over the past five years, the average buyer has dropped from 56 to 54, with sales rising every year. The small convertible cascarda will be unveiled early next year, and it should appeal to younger buyers.

“Buick is rolling out products that are natural for young people,” Brinley said.

Lexus is doing more to reach younger buyers in both brands.

Automatic comment: the 2015 buick regev GS is an unassuming high-end competitor.

“Lexus is making more efforts to change their image and make them more aggressive and passionate,” Brinley said.

On paper, however, the results did not look successful. The brand says its average buyer is 53 years old, exactly the same age as five years ago. Lexus’s buyer loyalty is the highest in the industry, at 60%.

Brian Smith, Lexus (Lexus) said: “this means that for those who continue to trade buyers now, when they grow up two or three years old, we could offset those aged under 50. Vice President of marketing.

Lexus’s efforts to reach young buyers are most visible in its evolving lineup. The product’s offensive includes new models, bolder corporate design themes, focus on in-car technology, and the proliferation of radical F variants of many models.

The biggest growth area, Smith says, is the bottom of the luxury market.

With that in mind, lexus updated the compact IS sedan at the end of 2013, and last year unveiled a new entry-level compact crossover, the NX, and a new compact sedan RC. Mr Smith says IS usually buys the lowest or lowest buyer’s age in the luxury market. The current age is forty-three, which is lower than forty-five years of age five years ago. The buyer for RC is 50 years old and NX is 51.

All three models have adopted a bold new design theme, with the biggest feature of the big “spindle” grid and crease pattern. The mid-sized GS sedan, redesigned in 2012, has been expanding its entire product line.

GS, IS and RC IS the brand of the most competitive models, lexus in almost every model on joined the F sports version of a bold, even including RX and LS, traditional conservative models. F Sport equipment includes Sport suspension, aviation accessories body panels and Sport bucket seats. According to Smith, F sports buyers are five to 12 years younger than non-f-sport buyers, depending on the model. Lexus is further introducing full-f models with performance targets. The rc-f, launched last year, has a 467 horsepower v-8 engine and gs-f will be available by the end of the year.

Lexus’s youth – oriented marketing efforts include running during the super bowl in 2012 and 2015, as well as a five-year relationship with sports illustrated swimwear issues. This is the biggest marketing opportunity of the year, with a median age of 38. The brand’s ads are also aimed at teenagers, such as rafting, contemporary music and attractive young couples.

While neither brand has significantly lowered its average age, the buyer’s age has not risen with the market, and Brinley believes both approaches are feasible.

“Buick’s approach is to add products that fit the lifestyle of young people without having to change their personality,” Brinley said. Lexus seems to want to change its personality. “As time goes on, it will depend on enforcement, and 2015 will not be an advertising series that will make a difference, and it will keep telling them the story of the buyer they want.


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