How to speak in public?


How to speak in public?

When it comes to communication, we all think we’re good at it. But the truth is, even those who think they are truly capable are not as many as they think.

When we associate with the people we know best, our communication skills increase. Students at the university of Chicago put the theory to the test, and what they found was surprising.

In the study, the researchers contacted people they knew well and then dated people they would never see again. The researchers found that people who knew each other were no better at understanding them than the people they had just met.

Moreover, participants often overestimated their ability to communicate, which was more obvious to those they knew.

In communicating with people we know, we assume that they understand them, and we dare not make assumptions with foreigners.

This tendency to exaggerate how we communicate (and the extent to which we are understood) is so widespread that psychologists have given names, close range, to spread prejudice.

Communication is about leadership, and if you’re not a good communicator, you’ll never be a good leader.

Great communicators inspire people. They create real, emotional and personal relationships. There is a communication that has some tactics, and you’ll find some of them here.

Talk to yourself

As a leader, you often need and staff in the company or business meetings to communicate, and your need to communicate to a certain extent, the development, in order to make everyone feel that you are personally handle. The ability to do this is the key to great leadership communication.

Speak so that people can hear.

Great communicators read their audience to make sure they don’t talk to the audience they won’t listen to. In short, you need to adapt the information to your audience. You need to find a way to speak so that your audience can get the message.

Emotional connection

“People will forget that they will forget what you did, but they will never forget the way you made them feel,” says Maya angelou. As a leader, if you can’t relate to your emotions, there’s nothing you can do about it.

Read body language

Your authority makes it hard to tell the true meaning of their minds. No matter how good your relationship with your subordinates, if you think they are completely open to you, just as they can be their friends, you will be laughed at. But as a leader, you should be able to understand the silent message, because the most abundant information is in the human language.

Eliminate the jargon

The business world is full of jargon and metaphors, and when people connect with them it’s harmless, but most people don’t understand them. Use as little jargon as possible, and use a language as easily as possible.


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