Valpo U dance spotlight talent and creativity.


Valpo U dance spotlight talent and creativity.

When students choreographers Carley Kolsch in February in Valparaiso University (Valparaiso University) dreams of her dancing design show dance troupe in 2018, she found it difficult to compete with her own 2017 viewers.

Coles, 21, has created a “Alice in wonderland” dance of the landscape, through the imaginative step by step choreography, with creative clothing character led baffled bowknot story book heroine.

“This year, I came up with something completely different,” said Kolsch, a third-year student from menomee Falls, Wisconsin. “this is a three-year veteran.

“Last year’s” Alice in wonderland “theme song was the most popular because of the number of dancers and colorful costumes.

More than 75 students will display the unique music theme and combine it with the innovative choreography of the February 8 solstice11 dance team at valparaiso university.

Ann Kessler, director of the theater department at valparaiso university, says she arranges dance performances every year on valentine’s day to celebrate students’ love of dance art.

Two hours of student demonstrations designed to highlight the scope of the dance, including ballet, ballroom, faucet, jazz, hip-hop, musicals and contemporary. Kessler is director of the dance orchestra at the valparaiso university theatre in the arts center at valparaiso university every year.

Chesterton (-g) veteran Hunter Brown (Hunter, Brown), said: “since August, we began our daily work, just at the beginning of the school year, we are working at the audition.

“I think the dance is the art of an undervalued, don’t get enough attention, once the audience to enter, they will have a better understanding of, there is a style, and called on so many different dance for everyone.

Hailee Stover, a second-year student from Lowell, said she liked the annual dance performance, partly because it was not a competitive event.

People often think of the wrong idea about dancing.

“Because of television, many people think that dancing in front of an audience is for competition, and dancing is for sharing with experience as a reward.”

Although some performance dances feature as many as 20 students, others are more intimate.

“One dance this year has a Chinese folk theme, only a solo performance by a dancer,” Kolsch said.

“The diversity and universality of talent makes it so special.”

Jazmyn harmon-whitlow, 21, a senior from fort Wayne, said the students Shared responsibility for choreography and dancing.

“We all learn from each other and get creative from sharing,” harmon-whitlow said.

“Even our clothes have to be creative and comprehensive. We have some resources in the theater department, but many of the dancers also contribute their costumes and props to the dance theme.

The students explained that they were eager to inspire others to advocate more appreciation of dance as a form of expression.

“Dance is a way of telling a story in motion,” Kessler says. “it describes the students’ awareness of communicating with the audience.

“These dance students are generous souls.”


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