Kick and kick your way better.


Kick and kick your way better.

So you didn’t grow up to be an adult Bruce lee, or watch your afternoon at the kung fu theater on TV. When you hear the name “George foreman,” you think of the grill, not the hook. Anyway, you don’t want to kick anyone’s ass – okay, no.

No matter. If you’re looking for a better health, a more confident and stronger body, taekwondo or martial arts inspired exercise may just get you into combat.

“People see results from these exercises,” says Whitney Chapman, the New York club exercise manager for reebok sports club in New York. “They have stronger legs, stronger arms, more definitions, and a sense of inner strength and balance.”

A few years ago, kicking and kicking became mainstream, and the fitness industry caught the cardiovascular and toning benefits of combat workouts. Thanks in part to Billy blank (Billy Blanks, one of the first use of calisthenics arts – mart) arts art tide of popular video, and the national gym start adding these types of courses on the schedule.

Aerobic fight training courses and Powerstrike, Fitness and Defense, and other creative variant, and Tai Box (to name a few), combining boxing with aerobic exercise, professor of punching and kicking, strength and confidence for high intensity exercise.

Most punches, kicks and squares are arranged in an imaginary enemy, and the participants swing and kick in the air. But in some classes, you actually kick a punch, or punch into a heavy punching bag or partner’s foot.

Beyond the health benefits.

According to a study of the sports commission (ACE), heart taekwondo players can expect burn approximately 350-450 calories per hour, and will keep in a maximum of 75% to 75% within the scope of the proposal for aerobic exercise.

But that’s not all. Washington’s brand (Lake Chelan) gym KI (karate innovation) combat concept company common owner Artie Hernandez (Addy Hernandez), said the training also increased the strength, flexibility and ability to respond.

Exercise physiologist and private coach Fabio maner (Fabio Comana), said the training of multiple joint movement – usually stand on one leg – establish function adaptability, because they need to coordinate and balance.

“It forces you to stabilize your body,” he said.

But, Comana says, the practical aspects of heart taekwondo and martial arts training are just the beginning.

“There is a self-efficacy,” says comana. “it gives a person. “They learn some real self-defense skills that can be used in everyday life.”

Kendell Hogan, fitness director of the regional group, witnessed the contraction at sunset fitness center in Los Angeles. Crunch’s fitness and defense course focuses on boxing techniques and is taught in the ring. Participants wrapped their hands, put on gloves, and used heavy bags.

“They were scared at first, and then I believe they have a lot of confidence that they are paying the price, and women are buying their own packages and gloves,” hogan said.

Then all of these kicks and hits will be reduced.

“I have never met anyone who has not felt the release of pressure and the release of anger,” hernandez said. “Once they leave, they can face the world.”

Ms. Chapman said that in the New York reebok sports club, aerobics, beatings and motivational classes attracted A lot of New York’s a-type characters.

“You sweat your back, your heart beats faster and you need to focus,” chapman said.

An introduction to

Comana said boxing training is a good choice for beginners as long as they work at their own pace.

In fact, boxing and martial arts inspiration are excellent equalisers, says hogan.

“You don’t have to be a good dancer, or have a perfect hourglass shape,” he says. Although these are group classes, he says, they are very personal. Everyone can work at their own level.

The Reebok sports club/New York offers a coach’s taekwondo class in the pool, which is more conducive to being overweight, deformed, or having physical limitations.

Chapman said: “splash! Taekwondo lessons for beginners is a mythical place, because it eliminates the effect of gravity and more secure in the joints, and through the fluid resistance, make you work harder, more secure.

With the doctor’s consent. If you have any restrictions or injuries, consult your doctor before starting any new exercise regimen.

Find a comfortable environment. If you already have a gym, you go there to offer these classes, great. If not, find a clean, safe place with qualified staff to make you feel welcome. Hernandez said: “in a tae kwon do in the gym, there may be a lot of men and a lot of testosterone, it may not be the most reassuring atmosphere, you must find a place that makes you feel uncomfortable, and you like to go. “


Introduce yourself to your mentor. Before the first class, talk to your teacher and let him/her know who you are, and if so, what your limitations are. ‘a coach should be confident that he or she can help you with the practice, or can tell you if the class isn’t for you,’ says Ms. Chapman.

Talk to other participants: ask regular customers what courses they like. And find your own support system. “Look for people with similar physical skills in your classmates, so you can work with them and become the support system you’re looking for,” Comana said. “At first you might feel a little uncoordinated, but you have to learn together and make progress together.”

Work at your own pace: don’t try to keep up with people who have more experience or higher levels in the classroom. Experts believe that it is not easy to perform a full range of actions, such as hooking or kicking. If there is no proper form, the likelihood of injury is high. In KI Fighting Concepts, hernandez says coaches teach beginners all the kicks and boxing before they start making a combination.

Continue to show: “you improve by repetition,” chapman said.

Do what you love. Finally, taekwondo may not suit you, it doesn’t matter. “You shouldn’t think, ‘I have to endure an hour because I’m burning calories,” chapman said. “You might burn more calories to do what you love.” However, you might be surprised at how much you like this type of class. There’s no better idea than attending a board meeting or buying a car, says hernandez. “you know what? I can kick your ass.


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