False news: the fact of the novel.


False news: the fact of the novel.

In the post-truth world, it may be difficult to distinguish fact from fiction. The information superhighway provided by the platform can be destructive. The need to repeat Goebbelsian lies is an unrelated digital platform. You can publish a visual lie and let others believe it represents the truth. The good enemy has a live day, Posting such visual effects, inspiring, destabilizing, spitting out venom, inciting violence without punishment. They use technology to manipulate the news. All this can be done under the cloak of anonymity. Now this is called fake news.

People can challenge traditional beliefs and change their minds. Fake news is a deadly weapon that can influence and embed ideal ideas in the minds of a million people. Remember the American offensive against Iraq: saddam hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction. Iraq is invaded: it makes sense to repeatedly repeat unproven evidence through television channels. This led to the dismemberment of Iraq. We have seen chaos and chaos in Iraq and elsewhere.

Manufacturing news became the focus of the us presidential election and became a global phenomenon in 2016. The fake news reports more on Facebook than in the New York times, CNN and the Wall Street journal. The latest news from the United Nations’ scientific and cultural organization (UNESCO) announcing that modi has become the world’s best prime minister is a fake. Jana Gana Mana has been declared the best national anthem by UNESCO, and has been identified by UNESCO as fake news. The announcement that the 2,000 rupee note was the world’s best currency was denied as untrue.

All this could be part of a political campaign that needs to be addressed. More serious is the fake news that sparked the riots. The BJP used the gujarat riots to show how bad the situation in west Bengal was, and then launched a campaign to smear the government. The same effect was taken with photos of charred vehicles taken in gujarat 15 years ago. Using pictures of gujarat, and use them as Mr Bashir, hart has happened and labeled it “save Bangladesh”, you can see the wanton abuse of social platform for political advantage. In April 2015, hatemongers filmed a video in Bangladesh against the hatred of muslims in bihar’s anti-hindu violence.

If attempts to incite and incite violence do not absolve the spread of fake news. It threatens to undermine our regime and endanger the peace of our social and political structures that have sustained us since independence. It is urgent to address this phenomenon if it is to foment the results and contaminate innocent minds with fake news. There is a whole army on twitter representing anarchist forces, ready to post such fake news for party targets. It seems that the future electoral struggle will not be fought over by the rumors on the ground or the persuasion of direct action, but on the social media platforms for everyone on every family.

Mobile phones are in the hands of 900 million people, and the power of fake news is likely to be based on fiction rather than facts. More seriously, state machines use fake news to celebrate their virtues and achievements. In 2006, the border of Spain – Morocco Spanish photographer Javier Oyan in 2006, according to a photograph in the government’s requirements of omni lights up the Bangladesh border with India, this is the future country may manipulate evidence of the truth. In 2015, the press bureau released a photo of our prime minister’s visit to the city of chennai.

In addition to government agencies, the strategy of the fake news website includes (I) error messages, (ii) misinterpretation, (iii) malevolence, (iv) manipulation, and (v) motivation. They mislead nonexistent facts at different times and places, or exist in different environments. These are then manipulated to mislead. Misinformation is misunderstood and used for malice. The ultimate goal is the human mind’s motive, the agenda of the perpetrator. The unacceptable reality of the post-truth world is shocking.

This is the challenge we need to face. What we need to convey is truth, a society committed to this society. Freedom of speech is not an expression of intent, intent on pollution, harm and destruction. We need a moral response and strict laws to deal with this distortion. It is necessary to regulate social media, but it is more important to do education. The proper legislation to deal with this threat must contain severe penalties to deter those who intend to abuse these platforms.


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