“My temperament? Enjoy the carbs you love: Joe Wilkes’ work/life balance.


“My temperament? Enjoy the carbs you love: Joe Wilkes’ work/life balance.

The 32-year-old body coach, who works on a skateboard, makes friends in Las Vegas, and doesn’t have anything in his house?

Go to bed

There is no TV or telephone in my bedroom. I listened to Mabel’s magic radio station cooling, and the goal was eight hours. If you struggle with sleep, you struggle with exercise and diet. I used to be terrible at getting up, but I’ve trained myself to be an early riser. I got up at 7 in the morning and worked 20 minutes to eat.


I have three home-cooked meals a day, all prepared in advance. My spirit is to stay away from the unsustainably low calorie diet and to balance things: load vegetables, protein and enjoy your favorite carbs. Be realistic. I don’t count the grams of sugar, salt or fat: it’s very strict and unpleasant. For breakfast, I have oatmeal for overnight soaking in almond milk. At lunchtime, I ate a quick cookbook. I’ll do it and put it on Instagram. In the evening, I roast chicken and lots of vegetables. My weakness is Ben&Jerry’s Phish Food, so I’m not in the house.


My cell phone is like my laptop. I work all day. I do daily recipes and exercises for social media and keep track of everything from the Instagram story, including meetings. When I woke up, I checked my notice and bombed the reply and the call. I ride my electric skateboard and listen to a dynamic podcast about how I built this entrepreneur for Richard branson. Anyone who breaks up in life is usually physically active.


I work with my brother and my best partner, but I won’t give any old fool a job. After my success, I was able to spend more time with my family and financial support in a way that I had never thought of. It’s nice to have a 30-year-old friend to Las Vegas, and we try to travel twice a year. They are The Times you remember, not the work.

A joke

I like to go to the cinema or the theatre, and then have a meal and a cocktail. I usually go home before midnight; I used to be a reveller, but not now, unless I’m a boy in Las Vegas, dubai or Miami. I recently went to see the lion king. I gave my girlfriend’s phone to me and put it in my bag until I saw it the next morning. That’s really good.


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