Why is the trend of “raw water” actually dangerous?


Why is the trend of “raw water” actually dangerous?

This article first appeared in the great minds.

If you think about yourself, I like a waste of money, but I hope literally throw it away, you’re lucky: around silicon valley companies have created the perfect products to help you cash – raw water flush the toilet!

Enough water for the “safe drinking” of the 21st century. The original water is old school, such as “you just died of dysentery” old school. Supporters of the original water praised the water they sold for free of chlorine, fluorine or chloramine and other chemicals. Instead, they are completely unprocessed water from the earth’s natural flow, full of healthy gut bacteria. It comes to you in the most natural way, sent by a man with a manbun in a colored van. Oh, two plus a gallon, at least $16. Like nature’s intent.

In the New York times broke the story, after new raw Water movement “Live Water” (it has a look like a Myspace page belongs to Phish cover band) has received much attention. Perhaps because their founder, Christopher Sanborn, likes to make strange statements about hippies. Such as “keep the freshest” and “tap water in a month’s delivery cycle”? You’re drinking toilet water containing contraceptives.

First of all, I want my water to be moderate, which is much easier. Secondly, toilet drinking water is safe and is usually recommended as a source of H20 in an emergency. Of course, you don’t want to take it out of the bowl, because your feces will contaminate it, but technically, you can drink it from the barrel. One school found that their toilet was cleaner than their water cooler, so do as you please. To be clear, I’m not a drinking advocate, I just want to show how clean our water is.

But Mr Singh is not alone in singing the praises. Another big fan is David Evans, namely Juicero, founder of the company trying to sell a $400 wi-fi juicer, this juicer do nothing, just packed with you can easily squeeze juice. According to The Times, Evans is very concerned about getting fresh raw water, and he and his friends often steal the dark water through private property. Interestingly, a person selling plastic bag juice would be afraid that his liquid contained chemicals, but it was an interesting world.

It’s easy to laugh at long hair hipsters and juicers, but does raw water make any sense? Is this natural water better for us? According to the expert: no. More specifically: hell, no.

“Fraud,” Dr. Robert graham said of the fresh Mediterranean medical logic NYC. “Our municipal water filtration is for a reason. Untreated water may contain bacteria, viruses and parasites.

He said, “would you drink water in an underdeveloped country? Health effects can range from mild gastrointestinal distress to diarrhea, dehydration and death. The bacteria that cause cholera, typhoid and dysentery can be bred in “natural” water, meaning that raw water can wait a long way, while hospitals are worst.

Greg Sancoff, a water filter expert with over 35 years of experience, and the founder of Live Pure, talked about accidental chemical risks from untreated water. “Water has radon in many parts of the United States,” he said. “Every year 25,000 people die from radon exposure and consumption.” Due to untreated or tested raw water, you may be ingesting potentially harmful levels of naturally occurring chemicals and bacteria.


Proponents of the original water insist that their supply comes from pure spring water, which has no traces of diarrhea, and they believe that the natural probiotics of water and the lack of fluoride outweigh the risk of contamination. Do they have a point?

Not… The true. Fluoride has long been a staple of conspiracy theories in the water, although in fact, the centers for disease control has shown that tooth decay has declined since the start of fluoride 70 years ago. In addition, extensive research by the U.S. centers for disease control and prevention has never found that low fluoride levels can cause harm.

But an article in harvard’s public health claims that all these extra fluorides may not actually be necessary. Tooth decay has declined since 1945, when some cities in the United States began to use fluoride. But in countries that did not have fluorine in the same period, they almost fell.

According to the article, the advantages of dental technology, including fluoride toothpaste, are the real reason for our perfect smile. Nowadays, fluoride in water may be unnecessary. Of course, this does not mean that fluoride in the water is dangerous, but it may not be very good.

As for probiotics, the tap water filters out harmful bacteria like giardia, and it also takes away harmful bacteria that are harmful to intestinal flora. Sadly, the probiotics in the water don’t necessarily help your tummy ache. “Probiotics usually come from the gut of mammals,” says Jeremy Weisz, an associate professor of Marine science and an associate professor at linfield college. “Any bacteria you find in water can’t break down the nutrients found in our guts.” So raw water basically lets you drink a bunch of extra bacteria just for the fun of it.

There is a surprising truth to this trend of raw water. Remember singh accused us of drinking “toilet water”? Well, in some parts of the country, it’s true! Orange county, calif., passed a three-part filtration process to drain sewage and add some minerals to the county. Technically, people from one of the wealthiest counties in America are drinking toilet water.

But the process of water treatment plants to recycled water (and the reverse osmosis of the uv) may also be better than the standard water treatment to remove trace pollutants, this means that the strange thing is, the water is in some ways may actually be better than tap water directly from the reservoir and aquifer.

Of course, the plan was not given to the owners of the owners’ corporation. In 2013, 36 states used recycled water. Now, a lot of these are the waste water from the sink and shower, not the direct sewer liquid, but the water we drink is not “pure” and the idea is not crazy.

So, before the government forces us to drink from the bowl, should we now arrange our water supply? Can’t. The idea that we can only drink from the purest source is vain, childish, and the definition of the first world problem.

Although the current drought in the United States is very low, in the long run, we must look for ways to save water. If that means drinking completely safe poo, I’m all for it. I hope they call it something other than shit, but I’ll stick to it. (in fact, the standard of tap water is much stricter than most bottled water, so free orange county drinking water may be cleaner than the $2 you bought at the grocery store.)


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