The food bank seeks congressional support for nutrition programs (your letter)


The food bank seeks congressional support for nutrition programs (your letter)

We want to thank representative John cutke for his recent poverty problem in central New York and acknowledge its complexity. As the leading anti-hunger group in north central New York, we know very well that hunger is a consequence of poverty. At the food bank in central New York, we’re trying to provide services to families who are not safe, but we can’t do it alone. We firmly believe that addressing poverty and hunger requires a strong public-private partnership.

Summer food service program is a federally funded program, designed to ensure that low-income areas children can continue to enjoy feeding during the summer vacation, because they can’t enjoy school lunch or breakfast. Though millions of children in school have nine months free and discounted meals and snacks, but in the summer, only a small part of the children for the summer food service plans to provide free meals. As a sponsor, the food bank provides meals in the summer to ensure children get much-needed breakfasts and lunches.

Nevertheless, we know that in our 11 county service area, only 20 percent of children who receive free or discounted meals during the school year can participate in the summer food service program.

Inside our service area, eligible children, no summer feeding place in many parts of our partner agencies (food storeroom, soup kitchens and shelters) in the summer you can see the demand for food aid significantly increased as a result. Store where we keep our partner agencies have nutritious food to meet this requirement, because no food, so no one is rejected, but we would like to see the summer food service plan was strengthened.

If in hard to reach areas of family received a grocery card to buy the food they need, so they can prepare meals at home, or if the food bank through our existing network to provide meals, our community can do more to protect children from hunger every week to give the children for a few days, is a cooperative organization with the value of the meal. These tested and verified options will strengthen and complement existing patterns and expose more children who cannot enter the summer dining room.

We need to continue to have strong national standards and accountability, while providing the best solution models that our communities can tailor to best meet their situation. A strong summer food service program can help hungry children in summer get the nutrients they need to stay active – this is the food we provide for all children in the summer.

Congressional leaders, like the carter family members, have the opportunity to develop a strong this year the child nutrition reauthorization act, which would make it easier for our service areas of food safety children into the summer food service plan.

We urge Congressman John Katko, Elise Stefanik and Richard Hanna and senator Kirsten Gillibrand and support the child nutrition reauthorization of strong, Charles Schumer, New York’s central and northern food insecurity in the children become priority.


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