There is no need to speak: Scott schaffer says the motivation is the daily process of Syracuse football.


There is no need to speak: Scott schaffer says the motivation is the daily process of Syracuse football.

Syracuse, New York – no sport is more dynamic than football.

Hollywood has released so many movies and TV shows about the sport that the inevitable big talk from the coach is finally on fire.

“Whether we’re treating as a team now, or we’re going to die like a person, that’s football, man, that’s all. Now what are you going to do?

“Clear eyes, full of heart, cannot be lost.”

“But the last time he said to me: sometimes, when the teams were rivals – broke the fate of the boys – tell them with all their things out, won a game for the Gipper.

Last week, Syracuse university football team had a natural drive to defeat the carrier dome’s wake forest.

This is the start of the team’s ACC and the chance to start the season 2-0.

The real power comes from the inside, but sometimes you need extra thrust, extra advantages, extra things to keep the engine starting.

In last week’s game, former Syracuse coach Dick MacPherson gave orange a little extra fuel on the tank to go beyond the demon deacon.

Syracuse coach Scott schafer said that after Orlando beat wake forest, “coach mike is the world to Syracuse.” “I ran to him and said, ‘we’re going to win this damn game for you. ‘”

I asked Scott Shafer on Thursday whether his motivation was organic or could be made into a weekly game plan.

“I like rhythm and routines,” schaeffer said. “But I also know that this is not the case, so I think the process that we put forward is controlled throughout the practice, not the motivation.

“I’ve always thought what motivation comes from the recruiting the right people, the right person, I always like the people who you hear,” hey, he has a real dogfight in P.E. class, they are playing football, is beyond boundaries, which he says is invasion. I thought, well, I want to know this kid right now, know what I’m talking about?

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Snow city football team coach Scott shaffer’s press conference.

September 17, 2015.


At a weekly press conference on Thursday, September 17, 2015, Syracuse coach Scott schaefer talked about how his players were motivated to play every game. Stephen d. Cannerelli |

‘if Syracuse hires the right players, it will happen automatically… Not just on the football field.

“I have A young man who came to me and he was very, very upset because he got A in the class, not A,” said shaffer. “I had to put him on the windowsill because he was very competitive.

“I think it goes back to the fact that we can recruit very, very competitive people who don’t want to lose,” said Shafer. “Because when they hate losing, you don’t need to have additional power, all these motives will naturally happen to those types of people, I think we are in the list of every year to join more self-motivation, began to just don’t want to lose players. ”

What gives extra impetus to this week’s orange?

Michigan is the target of a 3-0 win, but it won’t be.

Another 3-0 start to Syracuse.

This will be Orange’s first 3-0 start since 1991.

Since ’92, ’93, ’99, ’11, ’14), Syracuse has had five cracks, but it can’t overcome the hump.

Don’t expect a big speech from shaffer to help Syracuse reach this mark.

“I think we have to focus on where we can win 3-0,” said Shafer.

“I the deepest impression in this team, we have a lot of young players, especially in defence, impressed me most was the children has focused on the things we asked them. Routine.

“I know it’s boring for the media, but it’s the impression I’m making,” said Shafer. “Let’s do business today, then on Friday, then play a game, play two games, play three games, and take care of all the other things in the long run.”

Shafer has seen all the movies, but prefers to stick to Syracuse’s philosophy of “winning the day” to inspire the team.

“I like Knute Rockne movies and those things,” Shafer said. “I did,” the express “and” remember Titan.” I like the program, but in the end of the day, even in playing basketball, we also often attend some crazy ass fight, because that in it at the end of the day, you want to win, this is what we’re looking for. That can be competitive.

Fair enough, Scott.


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