Vegetarian valentine’s day: provide healthier candy for everyone.


Vegetarian valentine’s day: provide healthier candy for everyone.

I started the vegan adventure with my father.

Even though he has maintained a low fat diet, swimming every week and a half miles, but the genetic high cholesterol has forced him to give up his favorite butter treatment, but he also has been damaged, sweets.

I decided to do something.

Once on a dusty shelf at the health food store checkout counter, vegan baked goods have recently become cool. Recipes, such as vegetarian cake by public television Post Punk Kitchen aisha, Chandra, moscowitz (Isa Chandra Moskowitz) over the world, and turn to a healthy diet, to help make no animal is more attractive.

Today’s vegetarian candies have little in common with the heavy, fruity nuts I remember from college cooperatives – and thank you for that. As more and more people are diagnosed with a food allergy, or limit their fat intake by cholesterol or other problems, vegetarian options are coffee shops, and even some non vegetarian restaurant. In short, vegetarians are more hip than marginal ones.

Not to mention, it is a pleasure to change the classic recipes and adapt them to new needs and tastes.

But I really started baking veggie cookies and cakes for a simple reason: I like to spoil people, mainly through food. When I met more and more vegans, I became more assertive, and none of them missed out on delicious baked goods because they stopped eating animal products.

When I started exploring, I first took my battered Fannie Farmer recipe. I turned to some of the previous and real recipes – a chocolate cake, gingerbread, banana bread, and whipped out butter and eggs.

Sometimes I change margarine, sometimes applesauce; Sometimes my cookies are perfect and sometimes they are completely inedible. But through some strange tricks of alchemy – and a lot of trial and error – I managed to run into a better combination than their recipe peers.

In the early days, my father almost ate everything I put in front of him. Once, I made a carrot cake, topped with juicy raisins and walnuts, with a nice cream cheese frosting. The chopped carrots kept the cake moist and sweet, so we hardly noticed that it lacked butter.

However, oatmeal chocolate biscuit is not very successful. When I use corn starch and water instead of eggs, instead of vegetable oil instead of margarine, the cookies are too dry to taste. Still, dad ate it.

As time went on, I became bolder. I learned that the special combination of vinegar and baking soda made my favorite cake baked high and light, with a tender crumb. Sometimes I add a little bit of cocoa powder to add richness and sprinkle almonds over the cake. Butter? Who needs it?

Now, my standards are higher. I’m not just content with the creation, the flavor is OK; It must be unforgettable and delicious. I try to make cakes because they are so tasty. I in order to give the guests a filled with sliced strawberries are proud of our rich lemon cake and silently waiting for, until they blow it, tell them this is made of animal products. I love surprises and incredible elements: “is this a vegetarian?” They all said. “But good!

Another advantage is that recipes are usually easier to prepare – usually just a flick or spoon to mix the batter, and it works very well, not too greasy. (we are all sorry to have swallowed a particularly rich cream.)

As valentine’s day approaches, I’m planning a vegetarian diet for my sweet life. This year, I think a gingerbread cookie will do a good job, a sweet apple pear Garrett and crust so crunchy that they’ll never miss the butter. Of course, there must be chocolate, especially rich chocolate cake and chocolate butter cream.

What better way to break your love than to raise something sweet and respect their dietary restrictions? Who says delicious desserts can’t be healthy? Sometimes all it takes is a little experiment – and give up the butter.

Instructions for replacing these recipes.

In these recipes for margarine, I recommend using Smart Balance because it doesn’t have trans fats. If you don’t want to use margarine or smart balance, use 1/4 cup olive oil in the recipe. Instead of frosting your cake with cream frosting, melt some non-dairy dark chocolate and pour it over the top to get a lightweight, non-reflective glaze.


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