The list of things I bought separately.


The list of things I bought separately.

Before I begin, I feel I need to start with a disclaimer: you don’t need to enjoy the taste or smell of something to love it. For? Think about the nature of each of your dear friends and family, and you’re glad that you didn’t make it into a lip balm. Think about the smell of your favorite dog. Can you imagine that I didn’t use a toner? I say so, because I think this is a very serious buying habits, and this habit is around the package, and this habit often cause I didn’t actually use the product.

If I have one thing in common with the other 38 flag designers, it’s a combination of red, white and blue. I think what prompted me to buy my first jar of Smith rosebud ointment. When I was in high school, I suppose I those small bowl in the sephora found these things that distract you, how long you’ve had a row, magically add up your total at least $40 more than you might think. I bought it purely for aesthetics (Victorian chic, in retrospect). I think it looks good on the bedside table.

It turns out I hate the smell of rosebud. Remind me of the soap. The plaster itself soaks up dry lips in a desperate moment, but I don’t like oily constancy (though it’s good on every skin that the label recommends). Somehow, however, I was convinced that there was one on every bedside table and desk in my bedroom.

Do you know that some people have resigned from a life of burning their mouths because they have never waited until the cheese pizza cools down? In a similar way or not in all of the ways, I have resigned my travel size and the life of oshudan butter resin hand cream has been bothering me with all kinds of leather bags and handbags. I often buy them – usually at the airport, when I have time for a more beautiful terminal. Before the flight to Tampa, want to travel free through your imagination to aix provence? You’re welcome. – and then I remember how much I didn’t like the smell. If we were friends, I might send you a Christmas stocking at some point on Christmas day. Take it as a compliment, I promise. This is about packing.

This purchase has nothing to do with teeth, and it has nothing to do with my completely unconscious appreciation of the typeface of the 19th century. I was very embarrassed when I buy, I feel like a sitcom description of her husband’s an old-fashioned, send a tampon: check me on the shoulder, to ensure that no one was watching, other items with the cash register. It’s so expensive. The good news is that no one is allowed to use it, including myself, so I won’t buy another tube.

Here’s the innocents: without looking at the price, I grabbed two Swedish dream salt-and-soap bars. I was deeply the influence of the brand’s commitment implies, will only buy soap my bathroom into the port in Scandinavia, way of life so I tend to reflect the change of atmosphere, so you can imagine, I don’t know how much I spent (from Rhode Island, a small antique shop of $7.50 a pop music, on amazon can purchase them) in thirty percent of the price, until I am at the checkout counter, it is too late. I have set my dream to zero. They are now decorating a shelf with several towels on hold.

My mother used to use sachet on her hand. I always found the charm of tin. When I saw it later, I bought it, but it made everything greasy, so I used it only once. As they say, there are some things to keep the holy cow’s milk.

I really like this product (it makes hand washing not only sanitary, but also luxurious). The warning was that no one was allowed to use it in my bathroom because I didn’t want to buy another bottle. I hear a hacker whispering in the neighborhood of the packaging material, which is to buy one, and then use the cheaper liquid soap to replenish the bottle once you’ve used it. But that seems a bit excessive. I’d rather have this sitting in my sink for ever, and hide the ugly liquid soap in my medicine cabinet. It feels more real.

The story is as old as time, really: the shampoo and conditioner in my checked baggage exploded, so I took it as a backup, because it fits my holiday aesthetic. It makes my hair greasy, but I say, it smells amazing.

I don’t like macaron, I just want a doughnut. However, I bought the beautiful boxes they arrived in, which later served as pretty storage containers for miscellaneous items.


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