If you’re looking for a sign to go to the gym, this is it. Or rather him. Dickie Borthwick is his name and football is his game. As Morning Edition host David Greene said Tuesday, Borthwick, at 81 years old, is believed to be Britain’s oldest footballer. In American English, that means soccer player. And now he’s looking for a new team to join. Some blokes invited him to play walking football, a slow game designed for seniors, but he wants something a little more fast-paced. He told Britain’s Mirror newspaper that he just battled prostate cancer, he eats healthy meals and he just loves playing the game. Now if Dickie Borthwick can do it, so can you. No excuses.

Pro Wrestling In Real Life

Many, many years ago Virginia was told Santa Claus is real. He is, so that’s still true, and as it turns out, pro wrestlers really do have skills — despite the staging that goes into televised production. As Morning Edition host Steve Inskeep said on Wednesday, former pro wrestler Shad Gaspard proved he had those real-life moves. The Miami Herald reported Gaspard was inside a convenience store when a gunman tried to rob it. As a wrestling announcer would put it, disregarding the weapon, the 6-foot-7 wrestler hauled the suspect outside, slammed him to the ground and pinned him until the police arrived. To recap: Santa Claus is real and not all heroes wear capes.


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