What is the training like with sea rescue lifeguards

Bondi Rescue Guards train children in sea rescue in Dubai on Saturday, Oct30, 2010. Lifeguard featured: Kris Yates, AKA Yatesey

Earlier this month, temperatures close to the freezing point, heavy downpours and winds of 25 miles per hour made 23 excellent runners and dozens of amateurs unable to pass the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Alice Henley, a marine rescue lifeguard from Dania Beach, South Florida, did not mind this situation — at least, she could imagine some more horrific scenes.

“I suffered a lot from the cold weather,” said Henry. “At least I won’t be eaten by the shark during the game.” This is what I told myself on the 17th mile.

Perseverance is not so much a property as a job requirement, when you save lives in order to survive. Henry grew up in Maryland and found a long run in the fourth grade. She admits that when she first started training in 2012, she did not realize how powerful the powerful marine rescue capabilities – endurance swimming, beach training, rescue simulation and water sports – would be. She recalled: “In my first test, after 500 meters in 10 minutes, my performance was regrettable.” “But they know that I have athleticism and courage, so their skepticism about me is beneficial.”


Bondi Rescue Guards train children in sea rescue in Dubai on Saturday, Oct30, 2010. Lifeguard featured: Kris Yates, AKA Yatesey

These days, due to her extra-curricular activities, Henry started her day’s exercise before exercise—usually running, cycling, or swimming for a long time—and then joined her Dania Beach patrol (she is six) The only woman in the team to conduct group training. “We are the worst nightmare of the human resources department,” she said. “We came up with ways to torture each other. You can use kayaks to hit other people; you can take someone else’s paddle and take it apart and throw it into the sea. This is challenging, but I always laugh I think this is why I did not resign in the first six months.


Bondi Rescue Guards train children in sea rescue in Dubai on Saturday, Oct30, 2010 . Lifeguards featured: (l) Anthony “Harries” Carroll and Bruce “Hoppo” Hopkins.

Competing with male colleagues is naturally a matter of Henry, but women’s lifeguards face unique challenges, including finding swimsuits that achieve a perfect balance between performance and style, and more importantly, not to be involved in a marine emergency. Float 50 feet from the owner. Henry said with a smile: “The last thing you want is to let your chest fall during the rescue.” At the same time, you don’t want to wear the men’s clothes of the 1950s. We have already surpassed this point. Henry found the right balance on the athletes. Her swimwear was able to meet her daily needs – from running to swimming, to water on the rough cliffs – during which she always kept Smooth appearance. “Excitingly, the players have realized that people’s demand for sportswear is not ugly.” Many suits have sacrificed one element for another, but the competition has already done.

Of course, in high-stress, high-risk areas such as ocean rescue, it is helpful to exclude wardrobe failure from a long list of occupational hazards. She admitted: “I have shown my rescue plan to the entire beach.” “Beside the pier, I’m sure the fishermen can see the scenery.” Even a professional, at the moment, Henry said she decided to do a life-saving The only thing that the staff can do:

1. Gecko 30 litre waterproof bag

“This is the perfect work package!” I can easily rest in a waterproof and durable sports bag whether I’m in the rain, or need my bag on the boat, or the kayak. It was also big enough to fit all my uniforms and sports equipment (and food!) for a day without feeling troublesome. This bag even comes with a laptop pocket if you walk from the office to the sea every day, or from visa to the sea. They also provide smaller and smaller options according to your needs.

2. Athleta Scoop Bikini

“This swimsuit is very comfortable and versatile, and it can withstand running underwater rocks, running on the beach, swimming and paddling in muddy cliffs.”

3 shows. Costa Del Mar Anaa 580P Polarized Sunglasses

These are good lifebuoys and don’t sacrifice anything on the surface. High polarization is essential to protect the eyes, and it highlights all the waters I need to see – currents, sandbars, deep waters, and occasionally sharks. I also like their unique frames and beautiful lenses. People often say that looking through rosy glasses… Well, mine is turquoise!”


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