Eat more fruit, vegetables in a short period of 2 weeks to enhance mental health


Fruits and vegetables are a key part of a healthy diet, but the benefits are not limited to physical health. New research has found that increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables can improve mental health within two weeks.

Research at the university of otago in New Zealand, a psychologist at tam Lin connor and his colleagues found that 14 days every day to more young people to eat more fruit and vegetables of agricultural products, and inspire their motivation and vitality.

The researchers recently reported their findings in the journal PLOS One.

Adults should drink two cups of fruit and two to three cups of vegetables a day, according to the U.S. department of agriculture.

One cup of fruit is the equivalent of half a grapefruit or a large orange.

As part of a healthy diet, fruits and vegetables can help reduce the risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke and certain types of cancer.

Recent studies have shown that eating fruits and vegetables can also improve mental health. For their study, Dr Connor and his team set out to further investigate the link.

Increase your motivation and increase your fruit and vegetable intake

The researchers recruited 171 students aged 18 to 25 and divided them into three groups for two weeks.

A group to continue the normal food, increase a set of fresh fruit and vegetables a day (including carrots, kiwi fruit, apple and orange), and the rest of the team receive advance product vouchers and words remind consume more fruits and vegetables.

At the beginning and end of the study, subjects were evaluated for mood, energy, motivation, depression and anxiety symptoms, as well as other mental health and happiness factors.

The researchers found that the fruits and vegetables of the extra participants consumed most of the products within two weeks at a daily dose of 3.7, which improved mental health. In particular, these participants demonstrated improvements in energy, motivation and prosperity.


The other two groups did not improve mental health for two weeks.

In addition, depression and anxiety were not observed in any of the groups. The author points out: “most of the depression is associated with dietary patterns is a longitudinal study, which means that may be in a very long period of time, rather than two short weeks we establish possible diseases.



“Provides the high quality for the young people of FV (fruits and vegetables), rather than to remind them to eat more FV and give them a coupon, so we can improve their mental health status in the two weeks.

This is the first study to show that providing high-quality FVS to young people can improve energy, prosperity and motivation in a short period of time. The results of the survey preliminarily verified the causal relationship between FV and happiness, indicating that large-scale intervention research is necessary. ”

Knowing how to eat fresh fruit every day can reduce your risk of cardiovascular death.


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