‘handmade’ ramen? Instant noodles get a healthy dose of hacker attack.


‘handmade’ ramen noodles? Instant noodles have been hacked in healthy doses.

If a college student knows one thing, it’s a belly full of instant noodles.

“Ramen noodles have always been a staple of college life,” said university of Iowa graduate rick Brandt.

It’s not just poor students eating noodles: when your food budget is pulled out of the couch and you cut into your dorm room, or when you’re hungry when the impact is inappropriate, there may be ramen rescues.

But while the problem of salt and carbohydrates can be quickly solved by tossing dried noodles and seasonings into the microwave, there is little nutritional value.

For Brandt, this is both convenient and healthy. He created the cookbook blog College Fed (recently renamed Dumbed Down Food) to test and share healthier dorm methods.

Several blogs like him now offer students and anyone else on the ramen diet various ways to crack undisturbed noodles. Simple recipes suggest adding vegetables and protein to increase nutritional value, such as brent’s ramen recipe, which he says is one of his most popular tasks.

The most attractive way is to take instant noodles out of the traditional environment. In this latest craze, for example, bowls are placed in bowls to make bread substitutes: lasagna grilled cheese sandwiches.

Or, you might prefer to bake ramen pancakes with chopped cheese, bacon and tomatoes. Even better, you can make a unique dessert simply by applying it to chocolate and ice cream.

“The possibilities are endless,” says Sara Childs, a graphic designer and experimental chef who USES the pen name. Her new book, Rah! RAH! Ramen noodles are prepared in a microwave oven with more than 50 quick recipes. She said the whole idea inspired her friend’s eldest daughter, who she said had four years of waiting time.

The Childs recipe includes Macmen N’ cheese, which requires chili sauce, cheddar cheese and bacon. Or, if you’re looking for some extra fiber, why not try her spinach cannellini noodle soup?

In sweet things? The children assured me that ramen with lemon sauce was important.

But these recipes are just the tip of the iceberg. If she has time and space in her book, she says, she can eat at least 50. After all, the basic ramen (no seasoning) is just wheat flour and palm oil.

“If you think it’s an essential component, you can increase your imagination and stand out from it,” she said.

Ramen is what food historians call a platform food, says barack kushner, a professor of Japanese history at Cambridge university. “It’s like a sandwich, you can have any flavor, so it fits the local flavor,” he told salt.

Plus, it’s about 30 cents per bag. What’s the money to resist?

But as the anthropologists behind the noodle story tell you, “humble goods” mean less to americans than to americans.

“Instant noodles seem to be a small personal story,” they wrote. In fact, when NPR asked listeners to share their ramen noodle stories in 2009, we were given a “big, wild nostalgia.”

How memory is full of bad gas cause Stoodles – ramen noodles beef stew mixed together, hungry stewardess how to find the magic of ramen tuna casserole, noodles, how to become a regular food for lunch.

They may not match the sybalitic ramen in chef David’s bowl, but they can be considered handicrafts in their own way.

“When people eat a lot of food [the same thing], they always try to make it better,” says blogger rick Brandt. “You know what? To them, they are just creating something in the world.


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