Common sense of food safety


Common sense of food safety refers to common sense of food safety and health that should be paid attention to in daily life. It is closely related to people’s health. Otherwise, it will spread diseases and endanger health.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) says “treating diseases is not as good as curing them”, stressing the importance of prevention, and common sense about food safety can help the public to stay away from sources that endanger life and health. From a hygiene standpoint, it is important to develop the habit of washing your hands before eating. Washing utensils and food materials, especially raw fruits and melons. Don’t drink raw water; Don’t eat rotten food; Do not eat unidentified wild vegetables, wild fruit (such as poisonous mushrooms are difficult to identify). From the perspective of eating habits, do not eat wolves down to do other things, do not chase each other, fight; Eat three meals a day. Don’t eat too much. In the modern society with developed chemical industry, special attention should be paid to the adverse effects of pesticides, insecticides and chemical additives on human body. When buying processed foods, be sure to read the ingredient label.

In daily life should pay attention to:
(1) develop good eating habits. Don’t swallow your food. Don’t eat while doing other things, don’t chase each other, don’t play; Eat three main meals a day. Don’t overeat.
(2) develop the habit of washing your hands before eating. People touch all kinds of things every day. Can infect bacteria, viruses and parasitic worm eggs. Wash your hands carefully with soap before eating to reduce the possibility of “oral disease”.
(3) eat raw fruit wash. Fruits and vegetables in the growth process will not only be infected with bacteria, viruses, parasitic worm eggs, but also residual pesticides, pesticides, if not clean, not only may be infected with diseases, but also may cause pesticide poisoning.
Don’t eat wild vegetables or fruit. Wild vegetables, wild fruits and other varieties, some of which contain harmful toxins to human body, lack of experience, it is difficult to identify, just do not eat wild vegetables, wild fruit, can avoid toxic, to ensure safety.
Don’t eat rotten food. Food decay, taste sour, bitter; It gives off a strange smell, which is caused by the reproduction of bacteria. Eating these foods can lead to food poisoning.
(6) do not buy or eat poor-quality food and drinks sold by street vendors. These inferior food, beverage often sanitation quality is unqualified, edible, drinkable can endanger health.
(7) when buying food and drinks in stores, special attention should be paid to whether the production date and shelf life are marked. You shouldn’t buy expired food and drinks. Don’t eat and drink outdated food and drinks.
(8) don’t drink raw water. Water is very clean, it is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye alone, clear and transparent water may also contain bacteria, viruses, drinking water is the safest.


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